Learn how to edit and enhance your Reality Capturing projects in the Web Editor.

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HoloBuilder's new Web Editor Export OptionsExport screenshots, 360° photos, the sheet map and PDF Reports with one button.
How to work with the version history in the Web Editor to recover a previously saved project versionLearn how to retrieve older versions of your project in the Web Editor using the version history.

Working with Action Objects in the Web EditorAction objects can be used to attach and display PDF files, 2D photos and videos, play sounds or show contact information like mail or phone
How to link your 360 scenes in the web editorCreate a Streetview-like experience for your HoloBuilder project by linking the 360 scenes to an interactive tour.
How to link 2D images in the Web EditorBy inserting 2D images into scenes, you can give a more detailed view on specific aspects in the 360 image, e.g. as a close-up.
How to add Objects to a project in the Web EditorThere are many objects available that can be added to your project, from simple text over media files, like sounds or videos, to custom 3D
How to add 2D and 3D Text to your HoloBuilder projectsAdd 2D as well as 3D text to your scenes and customize them to your liking.
How to use custom textured shapesLearn how to use custom textured objects in the web editor and make the most of your HoloBuilder experience.
How to Add Custom 3D Models to Your HoloBuilder projectHoloBuilder provides an option to upload and integrate custom 3D models to enhance any 360° scene.
How to Change the Color of an Object in HoloBuilderYou can change the color of each object in the scene individually within HoloBuilder.
How to modify Objects in the Web EditorLearn how to clone, move, rotate, animate, delete or apply an action to objects in the Web Editor.
How to manage Assets in Object Groups in HoloBuilderGroup your objects to show or hide them depending on the viewers requirements.
How to animate objects in your HoloBuilder projectLearn more on how objects in your HoloBuilder project can be animated to draw more attention to them.

How to share links to specific in-scene objects of your HoloBuilder projectYou can now share links of your project that lead to a specific object within the project.
Sharing and Viewing Archived HoloBuilder ProjectsKeep limited access to your inactive projects, and still be able to review and look up project data when needed.
How to share your HoloBuilder project with the Basic Share SettingsLearn how to share a basic version of the project with your clients and stakeholders.
How to create new HoloBuilder project copies with the SnapShot Add-On in the Web EditorThe HoloBuilder SnapShot feature allows you to deliberately share selected 360° photos without sharing too much of the project.
How to Share Your HoloBuilder Project with the Advanced Share SettingsUse the advanced sharing settings to share a customized view of your HoloBuilder model with clients or stakeholders.
How to set a start scene for a shared project for viewingLearn how to specifiy which 360 scene should be the start scene of your project when sharing the project with others to view.
How to share your project with enabled markupsLearn more about how to adapt your share link of the project so that it includes markups visible also for viewers.
Embedding your HoloBuilder projectsWith HoloBuilder you can easily embed your projects in your personal website with the provided iframe for the HoloPlayer.
How to manage your existing HoloBuilder project copies with the SnapShot Add-On in the DashboardThe HoloBuilder SnapShot feature allows you to deliberately share selected 360° photos without sharing too much of the project.