Note: Please make sure to make the Markups also available for viewers in the Project Properties before sharing the Markups List. By default, Markups are hidden for viewers - Learn more.

Highlight issues and tasks directly in your 360 images remotely or on-site. Organize the markups in a markup list to keep the overview and navigate quickly to the corresponding areas in the 360 images.

All markups created in a HoloBuilder project will be managed in the corresponding Markup List in the project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

Use Markup Lists to organize and navigate your markups

1. Open your project in the web editor. 

2. Navigate to the Markups menu.

3. Select the Markup List icon at the bottom. 

4. In the list at the bottom of the editor, you will see all your project's markups.

Working with the Markup List

  • Navigate to an issue: Click on a list item to navigate to the location in the project.

  • Edit Markup: Edit a list item by clicking on the little pen. 

  • Search the list: Search for a special markup by name in the list by typing it here. 

  • Download list: Export the markup list as .csv file.

Download your markup list

Export the current markup list as editable .csv file, e.g. to track progress and manage as a punch list. 

The list includes the fields:

  • Title: Name of the markup.

  • Sheet  Location: Name of the sheet the scene containing the markup is placed in.

  • Scene Location: Name of the scene where the markup was placed in.

  • Author: Name if the user creating the markup in the HoloBuilder project.

  • Created  At: Date when the markup was created in the HoloBuilder project.

  • Information: Description given to the markup upon creation.

Export the markup list:

  1. Open the markup list.

  2. Click on the little table icon in the upper right corner of the markup list.

  3. A .csv file will be downloaded to your computer.

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