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Creating and syncing Procore RFIs & Observations
Creating and syncing Procore RFIs & Observations

You can add markups within your HoloBuilder project that will sync as Observations or RFIs in your Procore Account for better tracking.

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Note: Before being able to create RFIs or Observations as Markups in HoloBuilder to be sync to Procore, you need to make sure to link your Procore account with HoloBuilder. Please note that ONLY the Company-Wide Admin in Procore can link the project from HoloBuilder to Procore even after the Procore connection was established.

All Procore Observations and RFIs will be placed as special 360 Markups in your HoloBuilder project and will be synchronized to your Procore environment for further use.

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How to create a Procore Observation or RFI within your HoloBuilder project

1. Navigate to the scene you want to add an Observation or RFI to. 

2. Rotate the view to focus on the area in question. 

3. In the sidebar on the right, click on the pen icon labeled Markups.

4. Choose the desired type of markup, for example, the cloud.

360 Markup in HoloBuilder

5. Once you have created a markup in your project, a dialog will appear to set the markup's details.

6. Choose Procore in the drop-down menu labeled Sync with.

Sync with Procore menu

7. Once Procore is selected, you get the option to choose between the 2 issue types Observation and RFI:

7.1 Observation is the default Issue Type. Fill out the dialog with all the relevant

information and click on SAVE.

Setting Issue type in Procore

7.2 If you would like to create an RFI, select RFI in the drop-down menu labeled

Issue Type instead of Observation.

Just like with an Observation, you simply need to fill out the dialog with the

relevant information and click on SAVE.

Creating an RFI Issue in Procore

8. Once an issue was saved, it will be automatically synchronized and uploaded with Procore and accessible through the Procore platform.

Note: When accessing the issue via Procore, a screenshot of the markup within the 360° scene will also be available under general information > QUESTION. The screenshot gets automatically generated for the highlighted area.

Result of HoloBuilder import in Procore

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