Connecting HoloBuilder with Procore

Connect your HoloBuilder account with Procore to streamline your photo documentation process.

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Please note that ONLY the Company-Wide Admin in Procore can link the project from HoloBuilder to Procore even after the Procore connection was established.

By connecting your HoloBuilder and Procore accounts you can take advantage of tools such as RFI's and importing sheets directly from your Procore account to HoloBuilder. 

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Connect to your Procore Account

1. After logging into HoloBuilder, open your account settings by clicking on your HoloBuilder account name in the upper right corner and then on ‘Account’. 

2. In your account settings, you have access to your profile, privacy setting and billing information. Additionally, you can manage your integrations. To manage your integrations, click on 'Integrations' on the left panel to see all available options.

3. Click on 'Procore' to select within the grid of available integrations. 

4. Click on 'CONNECT TO ACCOUNT' on the right side.
A new window will open where you have to authorize HoloBuilder to connect with your Procore account.

5. Click on 'Allow' to grant HoloBuilder access and your accounts will be connected.

Disconnect your Procore project or account

If you would like to disconnect from a Procore project or account, simply open the Settings menu again, by clicking on your Holobuilder account name and open the "Integrations" tab: 

You can then either disconnect the Project or the entire Procore account by clicking either 'DISCONNECT PPROJECT' or 'DISCONNECT ACCOUNT.'

Login with Procore

Optionally, you can also sign up to HoloBuilder with your already existing Procore account just like with your Google or Facebook account, to avoid having yet another password and account to remember – no additional password required.

Note: This must be done when you first sign up for HoloBuilder. If you would like to change your login settings please email us at

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