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How to embed a HoloBuilder project on Procore
How to embed a HoloBuilder project on Procore

Find out how you can embed HoloBuilder directly within your Procore account.

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Please check that you have the right permissions within Procore to embed a HoloBuilder project in your Procore account. If you do not see that option in Procore, please check with the Company-Wide Admin in Procore for help.

To have a direct overview and access to your HoloBuilder project from within Procore, you can embed HoloBuilder directly within the other platform. This allows you to work with both programs simultaneously and improve your workflow.

  • Connect to your Procore account - learn more

  • Import files from Procore - learn more

  • Sync RFIs and Observations from HoloBuilder to Procore - learn more

  • Embed your HoloBuilder project in Procore - learn more below

Embedding your HoloBuilder project in the Procore project home

  1. Follow the links below to the Procore App Marketplace.

    1. For US Server Follow this link

    2. For EU Server Follow this link

  2. Click the "Log In to Install" button in the upper right corner of the page.

  3. Log into your Procore account and follow the instructions by Procore for embedding HoloBuilder in your account.

  4. You will be asked to enter the project ID of the HoloBuilder project which you would like to open within the embedded HoloBuilder App. You can retrieve the specific project ID when opening the project in the Dashboard or the Web Editor. The project ID is included in the URL, marked by "p=". All numbers followed by the equal sign make up the project-specific ID.
    if the url is “”,
    the project ID would be 5454162272714852.

    For more information on how to retrieve a project ID in HoloBuilder, please refer to this article.

  5. Confirm to embed the HoloBuilder project. It is now embedded into your Procore account for easy access!

NOTE: Make sure to set the project's access level within HoloBuilder according to your requirements. Learn more about the project privacy settings here.

You can also use Procore as an Integration within HoloBuilder. For more information on how to do so, please refer to this Help Center article.

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