There are two kinds of access levelsfor your projects: 'Unlisted' and 'Private' access: 

  • Unlisted access level means that the project can be seen by everyone with the link. 
  • Private access level means that the project can only be seen by users who are logged in and invited.
    Please note that in such cases the user has to be both, even if they have the link.

Change project access level

The access level can be changed for each project individually in the Comany Dashboard or the Web Editor.

Change the project access level in the Dashboard

1. Go to the 'active projects' overview in the Dashboard. 

2. Select a project. 

3. Click on the little pen icon in the upper right corner of the project details. 

4. In the project details overview, click on the drop-down nect to the 'Access level' details.

5. In the drop-down choose 'Unlisted' or 'Private'.

6. Confirm the change of the privacy level with the little checkmark button in the upper right corner of the project details.

Change the project access level in the Web Editor

1. Open the project in the Web Editor.

2. Tap on 'File' in the top bar & click on 'Properties' to open the "Project Properties" modal.
OR, click on the project name in the top bar to directly open the "Project Properties".

3. In the 'General' tab, click the drop-down menu below  'Access Level'.

4. In the drop-down choose 'Unlisted' or 'Private'.

5. Clicking on 'SAVE CHANGES' to save the new privacy setting.

Invite users to private projects

Private projects can only be accessed by logged in users. In order for someone to view or edit a private project, this person needs to have his own HoloBuilder account and an invitation for the project with the respective email address.

You have three ways to add a user with the right access permissions.

1. In the Web Editor's 'Project Properties' through the 'Permissions' tab - Learn more.
2. In the Company Dashboard 

  • directly in the project as a 'project member' - Learn more.
  • as a 'Group member' for the project's assigned collaborator group - Learn more.

There are different access roles on project and company level. Learn more about all roles and their different permissions here.

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