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How to create new HoloBuilder project copies with the SnapShot Add-On in the Web Editor
How to create new HoloBuilder project copies with the SnapShot Add-On in the Web Editor

The HoloBuilder SnapShot feature allows you to deliberately share selected 360° photos without sharing too much of the project.

Written by Giancarlo Jimenez
Updated over a week ago

Note: The SnapShot feature is a paid add-on you can request to be added to a specific project or your HoloBuilder dashboard in general. You can make your request in the "Add-On Store" on the dashboard.

What is the HoloBuider SnapShot Add-on

HoloBuilders SnapShots feature allows you to

  • Safely share selected 360° photos with stakeholders, such as the project owner, subcontractors or other project collaborators.

  • Create “report-like” copies of your HoloBuilder project that contain a subset of the original project's photos to create more awareness and better control of the shared data.

  • Increase the application cases of the HoloBuilder data by being able to share specific project sections with different stakeholders and not overshare informations.

Working with the SnapShot Add-On

Please note that this feature is only available for users with the roles Enterprise Admin, Group Manager or Project Manager or Project Admin on the respective HoloBuilder project.

How to create a new SnapShot in the Web Editor

IMPORTANT: SnapShots are "view-only" and the filter setting for the included images will not be editable by after creating the SnapShot. In order, to change the content of the shared project SnapShot, you will need to create and share a new SnapShot.

Creating new SnapShots can be done on the project in the Web Editor:

  1. Open your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor, e.g. from the Dashboard.

  2. Prepare the project by setting a filter first: Click on the Filter tab in the Web Editor and select between different categories to filter your project - learn here more about how to categorise and filter a project.

    Setting project filter

  3. When the filter is set to specify what should be shared, click on the sharing icon in the top bar of your screen and choose SnapShots in the options.

    Choosing SnapShots from sharing icon

  4. In the pop up, select the button "Create New SnapShot".

    Create new snapshot

  5. In a new pop up

    Privacy setting

    1. Name the SnapShot.

    2. Optionally: Review how many images will be included on the SnapShot.

    3. Choose the "privacy setting"

      1. "Anyone with the Link"
        You will not need to invite any specific users, you can simply copy the link later on to share directly with anyone who should get access.

      2. "Only Invited People"
        Add the email addresses for each person that the SnapShot should be shared with. They will apear in the list.
        You can remove a persona again while setting up the SnapShot when clicking on the 'x' next to it.

        List of invited email addresses

    4. Select "Create SnapShot" to complete the setup.

  6. Your SnapShot will appear in the "My SnapShots" list with all your saved SnapShots for this project for you to view and share the link with anyone.

    IMPORTANT: If you are sharing a "Only Invited People" project with a list of specific users, they will receive an invite email as soon as you create the SnapShot that will give them access to this Snapshot when logging in.

Checking on existing SnapShots in the Web Editor

All your previously created SnapShots can be found in a list in the Dashboard - learn more - or directly in the project in the Web Editor when clicking on the "Sharing" icon at the top of your editor view.

Under "My SnapShots" you can (from left to right):

  • "Play" (view) the previously created SnapShots
    The SnapShot will open in the viewing mode in a new browser tab.

  • Copy the link of the SnapShot for sharing.
    Automatically copy the link of the selected SnapShot - Note that for sharing the link of "Only Invited People" SnapShots, the person you will be sharing the link with will need to be already invited to the SnapShot or you need to add them on the dashboard - learn more - before they can view the project from this link.

  • Delete the existing SnapShot.
    Remove the selected SnapShot completely - This will delete the SnapShot for all members and they will not be able to view the project anymore with this. Note that you cannot undo the deletion of a SnapShot and will need to recreate this SnapShot.

Play, copy and delete SnapShots


  • How can you get access to the HoloBuilder SnapShot Add-On?

    SnapShots is a paid HoloBuilder Add-On that you can request access for in the Add-On section of your Enterprise Dashboard, or contact your favorite HoloBuilder representative about learning more about the HoloBuilder SnapShot Add-On and how to add this to your subscription today!

  • Who can request the SnapShots feature to be activated?
    Anyone who is entitle to make purchase decisions on a project or account/dashboard level can request to have the SnapShot feature added to a specific project or the dashboard in General.

  • Who can create new SnapShots?

    • Project Owners

    • Project Admins

    • Project Managers

    • Enterprise Admins

      Note: Project Editors as well as Project Viewers can’t create new SnapShots.

  • Who can view SnapShots?

    Anyone that you either share the private SnapShot with specifically as "Only Invited People" or that you share the link with if you share it as "Anyone with the Link". The viewing of SnapShots its not related to any other HoloBuilder role.

  • When the main project expires, does the SnapShot subscription expire?

    Yes, the SnapShot won’t be accessible anymore once the original project subscription is no longer active.

  • What happens when you archive the original project?

    When you archive the main project, all SnapShots are also archived and will not be available anymore for viewing.

  • What happens when the SnapShot feature expires in the Admin Panel?

    The SnapShots won’t be deleted but they are not accessible any longer. Should you wish to regain access, please check that the license for the add-on gets extended and the project also still has an active license.

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