In HoloBuilder, users can have several different roles with different permissions and abilities. If you want to learn more about role structures and permissions in the HoloBuilder Dashboard, please refer to this article. If you want to appoint a new or additional Enterprise Admin, you can do so in the Enterprise Dashboard.

Please note that you can only appoint another Enterprise Admin, if you hold the role of Enterprise Admin yourself. No other company role in the Dashboard has the permissions to do so.

How to invite a new user as Enterprise Admin

  1. In the Enterprise Dashboard, open the Admin drop-down menu in the panel on the left and choose User Directory to open a list of all current users that hold a role in your company dashboard. 
  2. To invite somebody new to your company, select the black button Invite User in the upper right corner of your screen.

    3. Enter the desired role for the new user as well as the user's email address.

    4. Between the company roles Enterprise Admin, Enterprise Viewer, Group Manager and Project Manager, choose Enterprise Admin as role and type in the correct email address. 

    5. Now, just click the Invite button and the respective user will get notified about his new role. He/She will now hold all permissions and abilities of an Enterprise Admin.

How to change an existing user's role to Enterprise Admin:

If you want to appoint somebody as Enterprise Admin, who is already an existing member of your Dashboard, these steps will help you to do so:

  1.  In the Enterprise Dashboard under Admin, open the User Directory. This will open a list of all existing users in your Dashboard. 
  2. In the list, select the person you want to appoint as Enterprise Admin and open his/her profile. 

    3. In the user profile, open the Settings submenu.

    4. Under Company Role Management you can assign the user a company role. You can choose between Enterprise Admin and Enterprise Viewer. An Enterprise Viewer has access to all projects in the Dashboard, but no editing permissions whatsoever. An Enterprise Admin on the other hand can also edit, create and delete any project in the Dashboard.

    5. Select the user role Enterprise Admin and the respective user will have all EA permissions from now on.
If you want to know more about the different roles and permissions, you can read this article

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