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How to remove a user from the Enterprise Dashboard
How to remove a user from the Enterprise Dashboard

Learn how to remove a user from the Dashboard when he is not working in your company any longer.

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If one of your HoloBuilder users in the Enterprise Dashboard is not involved in your projects anymore or stopped working at your company, you should make sure to remove their account with all its permissions from the Enterprise Dashboard. 

Please note that this will remove all access to the company dashboard for the selected user. If you only wish to remove this user from a specific project, you can do so either in the Web Editor (learn more) or in the Dashboard's project overview (learn more).

Remove a user with a company role

Please note that only Enterprise Admins have the permission to deactivate other user accounts. 

  1. Open the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

  2. Go to the User Directory under the Admin item. A list of all users of your Dashboard will now open. 

  3. Select the user that you want to remove from your Dashboard and click on him/her to open the user Profile

User directory in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

   4.  Now, find the three small dots under the user profile. Click the dots and then
        select Deactivate User

   5. A new window will ask you to confirm the deactivation of the account. Once you
       click the black Deactivate button, the user account will be deactivated and lose
       all access to your Enterprise Dashboard, groups, and projects.

Note: You can also simply remove a user only from a dashboard group (learn more) or, if they only have a project role, directly from a project (learn more).

Deactivate from user profile

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