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How to delete a project from your dashboard
How to delete a project from your dashboard

Learn how to remove a project permanently from your HoloBuilder account if you do not wish to keep it in your archive anymore.

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If you want to remove one or multiple projects permanently from your account you can do so in the Company Dashboard

Please note that only archived projects can be deleted from your account.

Removing projects in the Dashboard

Only selective roles have the permission on deleting existing projects from a company dashboard:

  • Enterprise Admin

  • Group Manager (only projects related to him)

To learn more about permissions of different roles in the enterprise dashboard, please have a look at this article.

If you have the right permission you can delete a project in a few simple steps:

1. Go to the "Active" projects overview in the Company Dashboard. 

2. Open the project details by clicking on a project. 

"Active" projects overview

3. Select the "Archive" button to move the project to the project archive.

Please keep in mind active projects can only be deleted once they are archived.

"Archive" button for AU London 2019 project

4. Select the "Archive" tab in the panel on the left. 

5. Open the project details of the archived project by clicking on it. 

6. Click the "Remove" button. 

"Remove" button for AU London 2019 project

7. Confirm that you want to delete the project from your company dashboard for good.

8. The project will be permanently removed from your Company Dashboard. 

Please note that any removed project are not retrievable once deleted from your account.

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