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How to remove a user from a project in the Web Editor
How to remove a user from a project in the Web Editor

Learn more how you can control your project's user groups by removing users from a project in the Web Editor.

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If one of your project members within HoloBuilder is not involved in a project anymore, you should make sure to remove their account with all its permissions from the project to restrict the access accordingly. You can configure your project team anytime in 

Remove a user with project role

Please note that you do not have the permission to remove users if you hold the role of Enterprise Viewer, Project Editor or Project Viewer. Make sure to contact your Project Manager to have the project access removed for another user.

  1. Open the respective project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor

  2. In the middle of the upper panel, click the pencil icon to the left of the project name in order to open your project properties.

  3. In the project properties overview, open the Permissions tab on the left. 

  4. You can now see the complete list of users including their roles who have access to the project. Select the user that you would like to remove and click the trash can symbol to the right of their project role.

    Alternatively to removing a user, you can also simply change the user role by clicking on the little arrow of the drop-down menu.

Removing user with project role

   5. Finally, the Web Editor will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the user
       from the project. Click OK to confirm and the user will lose access and all
       permissions regarding the project.   

Please note that you can also add new team members at any time in the same view. Simply enter a new email address in the text field and choose a role. This article gives more detailed information. 

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