Quick Start Guide

Learn how to get started with HoloBuilder Reality Captures in a few simple steps.

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Learn everything about supported cameras and the hardware that you can use for your 360° construction documentation with HoloBuilder.

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JobWalk App

Learn how to use the JobWalk app to capture progress with maximum efficiency.

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Enterprise Dashboard

Learn how to manage your HoloBuilder projects with the Enterprise Dashboard.

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Learn how to edit and enhance your Reality Capturing projects in the Web Editor.

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Web Viewer

Learn everything there is to know about the HoloBuilder Web Viewer options.

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Sphere Viewer

Take your FARO® and HoloBuilder Virtual Site Management experience to the next level with Sphere Viewer!

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Fast, Easy and Painless Site Documentation - Learn how to work with VideoMode

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Point Cloud Management

Learn how to use Point Cloud Management

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Integrations & Add-Ins

Learn how to integrate your HoloBuilder projects with Autodesk, Procore, Bluebeam, PlanGrid and more.

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Offline HoloViewer

Learn how to download your HoloBuilder projects to keep a permanent record of your 360° construction documentation.

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Security & Privacy

Learn about HoloBuilder's security and privacy in governing your project's data

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Experiencing problems? Our troubleshooting guides can help!

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Learn everything about background information, technical options and more.

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Sphere XG

Specific to help documentation relating to Sphere XG

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