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Everything there is know on how to work with HoloBuilder and all it's components

Sphere XG

Learn everything there is to know about working with FARO Sphere XG

Mobile Applications for Sphere XG / HoloBuilder

Learn more about the available mobile applications and how or when to use which.

Security & Privacy at Sphere XG / HoloBuilder

Learn about security and privacy in Sphere XG & HoloBuilder

Troubleshooting & FAQ for Sphere XG / HoloBuilder

Experiencing problems with Sphere XG or HoloBuilder? Our troubleshooting guides can help!

Compatible Hardware for Sphere XG / HoloBuilder

Learn everything about supported cameras and the hardware that you can use for documentation with Sphere XG & HoloBuilder

Account & User Settings for Sphere XG / HoloBuilder

Learn more on how to manage your account and personal settings on Sphere XG or HoloBuilder.

Benefits & Use Cases

Find a collection of helpful articles on the values and success stories of others using Sphere XG and HoloBuilder.

FARO Legacy Sphere Viewer (to be sunsetted)

Important: The Legacy Sphere Viewer will be sunsetted in the future, please start using Sphere XG