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How to archive a project in the Dashboard

Learn how to archive your completed HoloBuilder projects with a few simple clicks via the Enterprise Dashboard to keep it nicely organized.

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IMPORTANT: Please note that files with unsupported characters like \ / : * ? " < > | cannot be downloaded. Please make sure to replace these characters in your project name before archiving and downloading the project.

File name restrictions in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

When you have finished a project and want to remove it from your list of active projects, you can easily archive it in the company dashboard with a few easy steps.

Please note that only selective roles have permission to archive existing projects from a Company Dashboard:

  • Enterprise Admin

  • Group Manager (only projects related to him)

  • Project Manager (only projects related to him)

Note: Archived and downloaded projects can only be viewed online by users with a specific role on the dashboard for the project - meaning the assigned Project Manager (PM), any Group Manager of the related group (GM), and the Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard depending on the remaining license.

The following steps only apply, if you are have one of the above roles in the HoloBuilder Dashboard where the project is located.

How to archive a project in the Enterprise Dashboard

1. First, open your list of active projects by clicking on the corresponding menu item in the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard.

2. In the list, find the project that you would like to archive and click on it in order to open the project details, still within the dashboard.

Choosing project to be archived in HoloBuilder

3. Find the white Archive button in the upper right corner of the screen, left to the Open button. 

4. After clicking on Archive, a popup will ask you to confirm the action. Click Archive once more and your project will be moved to the folder of Archived Projects.

Confirm archive action popup message in Enterprise Dashboard

How to unarchive a project

If you decide to use an old project and want to retrieve it from the Archive, you can easily do that. 

Please note that once a project was downloaded, it cannot be unarchived anymore. Reach out to for further assistance.

  1. Go to the Archived projects folder in the Company Dashboard

  2. Choose a project to unarchive.

  3. Click on it to open the project details.

  4. Click the Unarchive button in the upper right corner of your screen.

  5. Confirm to Unarchive
     - Done!

Unarchive project in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

Please make sure to have enough project space available with your current license before unarchiving a project. Without enough free area, you will not be able to unarchive a project.

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