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Sharing and Viewing Archived HoloBuilder Projects
Sharing and Viewing Archived HoloBuilder Projects

Keep limited access to your inactive projects, and still be able to review and look up project data when needed.

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When you have finished a project and want to remove it from your list of active projects, to keep your dashboard better organized, but do not want to delete or download it; you can easily archive it in the company dashboard with a few easy steps.

Please note that only selective roles have permission to archive existing projects from a Company Dashboard:

Note: Archived and downloaded projects can only be viewed online by users with a specific role on the dashboard for the project - meaning the assigned Project Manager (PM), any Group Manager of the related group (GM), and the Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard.

The following steps only apply, if you are assigned to one of these roles in your HoloBuilder Account/the HoloBuilder project.

Viewing archived projects if you still have an active license

  • Only the below roles can view the archived projects:

    • Enterprise Admin (all archived projects)

    • Group Manager (only projects inside the group this user is a Group Manager for)

    • Project Manager (only projects related to them directly as Project Manager)

Once you archive a project while still actively using HoloBuilder, the view permission only for the archived project will be restricted to selected users on the dashboard. Is the project moved to the archive, only users with managing permission, such as an Enterprise Admin, Group Manager, and Project Manager, on the project will be able to view the project.

These are typically also the roles that could unarchive the project again to continue editing this if needed.

Note: Archived projects cannot be edited or shared with the full project team. In order to do either, you need to unarchive the project again.

IMPORTANT: If an embedded project or a project with the access level 'unlisted' gets archived, the same restrictions as above apply and only the selected logged in user roles will be able to view these projects anymore.

Viewing an archived project if you do not have any active HoloBuilder license anymore

  • Only Enterprise Admins can view any projects

If you decided to cancel all your HoloBuilder licenses for your dashboard, this will freeze your dashboard completely and also affect who can still view the active as well as archived projects on your dashboard.

Note: You can always reactivate your license to start unarchiving and sharing your projects again. Please simply send a request for reactivation from the 'Add-Ons & Services' section on your dashboard, contact you customer success manager diretcly or reach out to for further assistance with this.

IMPORTANT: Once you cancel all licenses related to your HoloBuilder dashboard only the Enterprise Admins will be able to continue to view all active AND archived projects. No other users on the dashboard will be able to view any projects. This also applies to embedded projects or a project with the access level 'unlisted'.

Making archived projects available also for other users

In order to keep your projects access for other users than the ones listed above (depending on your license situation), you can download the project to create an offline copy of it. This offline copy can be viewed and opened by anyone this file has been shared with without login or a license.

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