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All there is to know about HoloBuilder's Offline HoloViewer desktop app
All there is to know about HoloBuilder's Offline HoloViewer desktop app

Learn everything there is to know about the Offline HoloViewer to access HoloBuilder projects even if you are not connected to the internet.

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Our Offline HoloViewer app is an additional product complementing the features we know from the HoloBuilder Dashboard as well as the Web Editor & Viewer. With the desktop app, you can view downloaded projects and hand them over to colleagues or stakeholders as an offline file. Continue reading to find out more about working with the app, storing projects, and handovers of downloaded project files.

IMPORTANT: Please note that archived and downloaded projects cannot be unarchived.
ALSO, the archived online project version can only be viewed by users with a specific role - meaning the assigned Project Manager (PM), any Group Manager of the related group (GM), and the Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard.



The Offline HoloViewer desktop app

The Offline HoloViewer desktop application works on Windows and Mac devices (only supported on Intel Mac - M1+ devices not compatible) and allows you to view and share downloaded HoloBuilder projects.

Find an overview of all related topics below:

Download projects to view them offline

To view your projects offline you have to download them from the Company Dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Only archived projects can be downloaded. Once you downloaded a project the online version cannot be unarchived, edited, or shared online anymore. Any shared links will become inactive and the project will become inaccessible online for anyone with the link except for:

  • the assigned Project Manager (PM),

  • any Group Manager of the related group (GM),

  • and the Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard.

Archiving projects

To download a project, you need to archive a project first. Be aware that only users with certain roles have permission to archive a project. If you are not sure, how to download a project and who has the permission to do so, see the links below:

Downloading projects

From the project archive, you can then download the projects for offline access:

View projects offline

Once you have downloaded the Offline HoloViewer as well as the projects that you would like to view, you are ready to use the HoloViewer app.
Navigation through the project the same way as in the Web Viewer. Drag the scene, switch between waypoints on the sheet, and travel through time with the TimeTravel feature.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to work with the Offline HoloViewer, please refer to this article.

Project handover

You can hand over your downloaded project with or without the HoloViewer.

Hand over only the project(s)

Copy the project folder or the complete HoloViewer folder e.g. on a USB flash drive for others to get access. If you only transfer the project, please note that the recipient has to install the Holoviewer (either for  Windows –  32-Bit or  64-Bit – or macOS - only supported on Intel Mac - M1+ not compatible) to be able to view the project.

Hand over the project including the HoloViewer .exe file

To hand over both, the project and the HoloViewer software, transfer the entire folder named HoloViewer to the thumb drive and make sure that your project(s) is in the HoloViewer sub-folder Projects. The recipient will be able to view all projects that are contained in this folder.

Please refer to these articles for more detailed tutorials on project handovers:

Longterm storing of projects

All downloaded projects can be stored digitally indefinitely on your local drive or any other hard drive or share point in the cloud. To keep access to your projects, you simply need a version of the HoloViewer installed or the installation file (.exe file, e.g. as a zip) at hand. Even if your HoloBuilder subscription runs out, you will still be able to access your downloaded projects.

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