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How to work with HoloBuilder's Offline HoloViewer

Learn how to view & share HoloBuilder projects offline with the HoloViewer.

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If you want to view or share your HoloBuilder project offline, HoloBuilder's HoloViewer tool will allow you to do this.

Getting the HoloViewer ready

Only a few steps to success:

Step 1:

Download the Offline HoloViewer App.

If you are subscribed to the HoloBuilder EU platform, please download the corresponding HoloViewerEU App.

Important: When wanting to download HoloBuilder projects directly from the HoloBuilder platform, the Offline HoloViewer needs to be installed to a location on any of your hard disks the executed application will have write permission to. This is required to download and generate the .holo file.
E.g. install the app on the desktop, an external hard drive, or any other location than “C:/Program Files/…”

Double click opening: Please note that when wanting to use the option to automatically open the .holo file in the viewer upon double-clicking on the .holo file, you will have to enable admin permissions for the software during the installation of the Offline HoloViewer. Alternatively, you can manually select the Offline HoloViewer as the application to open the .holo file when windows ask which application it should use to open it.

Step 2:

Get access to an offline HoloBuilder project that you want to view in the HoloViewer. You can either download a project yourself - e.g. in the Dashboard - or have it shared by someone else as an offline project copy.

Note: When not downloading any project directly from HoloBuilder, the system does not require admin permissions. The HoloViewer desktop app can be installed anywhere on the PC.

How to use the HoloViewer App

Once you have directly downloaded a project to the HoloViewer, the My Offline Projects list in your HoloViewer App will open automatically. Click the project you would like to view and it will open in the Viewer.

Note: If you have only one project in the Offline HoloViewer, the project will open directly and skip the list of projects.

You can find out how to make a shared offline HoloBuilder project available in the HoloViewer in this dedicated article.

HoloViewer project components

Viewing a project in the HoloViewer is similar to the Web Viewer. Click and drag the mouse across your screen to look around the scene. Markups and objects can be clicked on to reveal more information, to move from one scene to another, etc.

On the left-hand side of your screen you will also find most of the features you can use in the Web Viewer:

  1. The sheet map of the project with its waypoints can be seen on the left side. Clicking on the waypoints allows you to move between scenes more easily. If you select the two white arrows in the upper right corner of the sheet map, it will hide the sheet map and allow a better view of the currently opened scene.

  2. Below the sheet map, it is possible to open TimeTravel scenes as well as the Splitscreen Viewer to compare scenes side to side.

  3. Above the sheet map you will find a button with three white lines. Here, you can open your complete scene list of the project. It allows you to quickly switch between scenes.

  4. Clicking the white arrow in the top left corner will open My Offline Projects. The list shows all of your downloaded projects. You can open any of the projects and work with them in the HoloViewer.

My Offline Projects in HoloViewer

HoloViewer menu bar

Apart from the feature panel on the left-hand side of your screen, the HoloViewer also has a menu bar at the bottom of the screen. It displays buttons for:

  1. Fullscreen mode

  2. Zoom in on your project

  3. Zoom out of your project

  4. Save a copy of the project
    Save your project beyond the Offline HoloViewer e.g. directly on your computer or on a USB flash drive. This allows you to share your project file offline - learn more.

HoloViewer menu bar

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