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How to view your HoloBuilder project in a VR headset
How to view your HoloBuilder project in a VR headset

Get the full VR experience with HoloBuilder on any mobile device in your browser, easily sharable and viewable.

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IMPORTANT: This is a legacy feature and might not be supported by all devices.

All HoloBuilder projects can be easily viewed in the web browser on any (mobile) device. To get an even more immersive experience, you can also switch to VR mode on your mobile device. 

Note: In order to get the full experience of an interactive virtual tour, you need to link your scenes beforehand in the web editor or in the JobWalk app

Switch to VR mode

To view your project, e.g., with the Google Cardboard:

1. Open the project's share link in your mobile phone's browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox).

Note: You can open the project from the JobWalk app in your mobile browser or from the email shared with you. 

2. Rotate the mobile device to landscape view. 

3. Click the 'VR Headset' icon in the bottom menu. 

The screen gets split and the 3D sensor gets enabled to automatically rotate the scene according to your mobile device's movement.  

Switching to VR mode in the HoloBuilder mobile app

Using a VR headset

Once the VR modus is enabled, you can place your phone into the most common VR headsets, like the cardboard, and explore the project interactively.

The tiny dot at the center of the screen is for clicking the integrated objects:

  1. Point the dot on an object.

  2. Wait until the loading circle is completed to trigger the object's action, e.g. to walk the tour virtually.

    Please note that you need to augment the project beforehand with special action objects, e.g. the "Go to scene" link, to interact with it. 

Moving between waypoints in HoloBuilder VR mode

Possibly Compatible VR headsets

Note: When using the HTC Vive or a similar device, please make sure to use Firefox as the browser to open and show the selected HoloBuilder project.

IMPORTANT: These are devices that should in theory be supported due to the general workflow, however, we are currently not testing any of these devices on a regular basis to confirm their ongoing compatibility.

HoloBuilder can support a variety of VR headsets for better visualization, some were:

  • Any smartphone + Google Cardboard  – Now also with stereo scene rendering for a better depth perception

  • Samsungs Phone + GearVR glasses – beta

  • PC + HTC Vive connectedbeta

  • PC + Oculus Rift connectedbeta

  • Daydream-ready phone + Daydream Glassescoming soon

Choose the right viewer mode in the VR mode settings:

  • Cardboard I/O 2014

  • Cardboard I/O 2015

  • Samsung S/ Edge

Selecting View options in HoloBuilder VR mode

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