This document describes a recommended workflow to get started with the HoloBuilder solution for project documentation. Depending on your needs you can deviate from the routine described below.

Getting started

The Web Editor is the place where you can create and manage your projects in a web browser from anywhere with internet access and a computer.

If your company is already using the HoloBuilder solution, please check with your supervisor for an invite to the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard solution. 

To open the Web Editor, simply go to app.holobuilder.com.

  • Log in or create a new HoloBuilder account. 
  • A dialog will appear asking you to create a new project or open an existing one.
  • In case you open a project but decide to start a new one select 'File > New' at the top of the HoloBuilder interface.
  • The most important menus to get you started are placed on the project panel on the left:
  • The first step to take in a new project is to add one or more sheets, or floor plans.
  • You can add sheets (or other assets) by clicking on the + button in the lower left corner.
  • Once you added a sheet, make sure to save your project (Under File > Save).
  • Continue working on your project on-site with the JobWalk App.

The JobWalk App is your mobile companion to connect a mobile device to your 360° camera and create or add to projects on-site.

You can also download our handy PDF guide to use offline or print out.

  • Download the JobWalk for iOS or Android to your mobile device. 
  • Open the JobWalk App and log in.
  • In the list 'In the cloud', you should see the project you previously created in the Web Editor. Make sure to have an internet connection on your device.
  • Tap on the project and select 'Download full project' in the menu as shown below:
  • Your project is now available offline on your mobile device, and you can work with it even if you have no Wi-Fi or cell service.
  • Connect to a compatible camera, we recommend the Ricoh Theta V.
  • Press the camera's power button and connect it to your mobile device through WiFi.
  • If you use the Ricoh Theta V, the default WiFi password is printed on the bottom on the device as highlighted below:
  • For other cameras please refer to our dedicated tutorial.
  • To capture 360° photos in a new project, tap anywhere on a sheet to create a new waypoint. A menu with a 'Capture' button will appear.
  • Tap on 'Capture,' to take a 360° photograph, which will be transferred to your mobile device.
  • After completing your JobWalk make sure to synchronise your project, so the latest data is always available in the cloud and available for all collaborators.
  • In order to sync your project, you might have to disconnect from the camera and connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

For a more detailed description of the JobWalk App, check out the detailed overview of all features of the JobWalk app.

For more specific information, e.g., find out how to...

For a more detailed description of the Web Editor, please refer to the following tutorials:

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