In the JobWalk app there are 2 available project download options to better manage how HoloBuilder uses the storage of your mobile device

  • Project layout
  • Full project

Project layout: 

  • Light-weight project: Takes up less storage space.
  • Downloads only the sheet images with the waypoints: No 360 images downloaded for the waypoints.
  • With an internet connection all images can be edited.

Please note that images cannot be opened without an internet connection, e.g. for adding 2D images/markups on-site.

Full project:

  • Takes up way more storage space: Downloads the sheet images, waypoints and the latest 360 images.
  • Latest 360 images can be opened and edited (markups, 2D images, categories, links, name etc.) offline, no internet connection required for this
  • Only the latest 360 images are downloaded: All earlier images will not be editable when offline (just like in project layout only option).
  • With an internet connection all images can be edited.

Please note to always make sure to have enough storage space available before downloading the full project.

Download project to the JobWalk app

  1. Open the JobWalk app.
  2. Browse your online projects in the 'IN THE CLOUD' list.
    Note: Please make sure to have an internet connection to be able to browse your projects online. 
  3. Tap on the three dots on the right of the project's list entry.
  4. Choose whether to download the project layout or the full project. 

Free up storage space

'Full project' to 'Project layout'
Capturing progress saves the new images to your project, no matter which initial download option you chose, increasing the overall size of your project on the mobile device. 

To free up some storage space, you need to clean up your projects on the device:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the project.
  2. Choose 'Free up storage space'. 
  3. After clicking on it you will be informed that your projects have successfully been cleaned up to speed up your device.

Get full project

'Project layout' to 'Full project'

To change a project from layout only to full project, e.g. to add markups or 2D images to the latest status offline on-site, you have to delete the project from your device. 

  1. Click on the three dots next to the project. 
  2. A little popup menu will open. 
  3. Choose 'Remove from device'. 
  4. When being asked, if you really want to delete the project, choose 'Delete'. 
  5. After removing the project from your device you find the project in the 'In the cloud' list. 
  6. Now click again on the three dots next to the project and choose 'Download full project'. It will directly be downloaded and come up in 'On this device'.

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