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How to free up storage space of a project in the JobWalk app
How to free up storage space of a project in the JobWalk app

When working with the JobWalk App your projects might quickly fill up storage space on your mobile device. Learn how to easily free up space

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Capturing progress locally saves new 360 images to your project, no matter which initial download option (full download vs. project layout) you chose, increasing the overall size of your project on the mobile device. This can for example affect the speed of the device or even cause errors while capturing if the device is full.

To free up some storage space, you need to clean up your projects on the device. The Free up storage space function 'strips' your downloaded project of the 360 images, so that only sheet maps and waypoints will be available offline from then on.

Note: It is recommended to clear your project storage on a regular basis. Before freeing up your storage, please make sure to have all progress uploaded beforehand and your project changes fully synced to the cloud

Free up storage space

  1. Open the JobWalk app. 

  2. On the main screen with the project lists, click on the three dots next to the project you want to clean up.

    Please make sure that the status of the project states that it is synced and does not have open local changes.

  3. Choose Free up storage space

  4. After clicking on it you will be informed that your project has successfully been cleaned up.

Free up storage space in JobWalk app

If you still need more storage space, think about deleting downloads of older projects from your device.

Alternatively, to freeing up the storage space for a project, you can also delete the project and download as layout only.


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