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Working with TimeTravel in the JobWalk App
Working with TimeTravel in the JobWalk App

With TimeTravel you can follow the progress of construction sites visually. Learn how to work with the feature on-site with our JobWalk App

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TimeTravel enables you to take multiple images of a certain location at different times. Add TimeTravel scenes either directly on-site with the JobWalk App or upload them on your desktop PC to directly edit them.

Learn how to add TimeTravels in

Adding TimeTravels in the JobWalk App

  1. First, open a project with 360 images and sheets on your device.

  2. To add TimeTravels in the JobWalk App, go to the overview of a project. 

  3. Open the appropriate sheet and connect your mobile device to the camera.

  4. The waypoints on the sheet map mark your existing images. Tap on the waypoint you wish to capture.

  5. Place your tripod with the camera on the exact location in the room where the first image was taken. It might help to indicate the spots in the room with some tape or another marker for TimeTravel capturing. 

  6. Simply tap the Capture button and a TimeTravel scene will be saved. Wait until the capturing is processed and repeat the process for all waypoints. Waypoints that already have a new TimeTravel will be indicated with a checkmark on the waypoint. 

  7. To save your progress, synchronize it to the cloud once you are finished and have a stable internet connection. If you leave a Time Travel incomplete the app will ask whether you want to continue the old TimeTravel or start a new one. Continuing allows you to complete a TimeTravel you didn’t mean to leave incomplete, starting a new TimeTravels allows you to add an iteration to a project.

Adding TimeTravel to a waypoint

Delete a TimeTravel scene in the JobWalk app

If you want to delete a TimeTravel scene in the JobWalk App, this article will help you with how to do so.

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