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Create or Edit a Project with the JobWalk App

Learn how to start from Scratch with the JobWalk App and create a new Project or use the app to edit an existing one

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Make sure to download the JobWalk app to your mobile Android or iOS device to get the full HoloBuilder experience.

Get the JobWalk app for Android in the Play Store
Get the JobWalk app on iOS in the App Store

NOTE: If you are using the HoloBuilder EU server solution you will need to download the JobWalk app for EU for Android or iOS.

There are two ways to get started, either by creating a new project inside the JobWalk app or by downloading an online HoloBuilder project you already set up using your browser.

Option 1: Create a new project in the JobWalk app

  1. Open the JobWalk app and log in.

  2. You can start creating a new project by selecting the yellow + button at the bottom-left of your list of projects.

  3. Provide the required project details.

  4. Tap on Create Project to set up a new project offline on your mobile device.

    Note: The project can be synced to the cloud once you have an internet connection.

Create Project in JobWalk menu

Option 2: Download an existing project from the cloud list

Ideally, you should already have a prepared HoloBuilder project including the sheets and possibly additional information to better get started. Download that project to capture 360 photos for it.

Note: In order to download the online project, you will need an internet connection at first. All other steps will be offline.

  1. Open the JobWalk app and log in.

  2. To download one of your online HoloBuilder projects from your cloud and using it with the JobWalk app, simply select it from the IN THE CLOUD section of the project list.
    Tap on the project to download.

  3. Next, select Download project layout. Your project will be downloaded to your mobile device with the layout only (sheets and markers) to save storage space. Alternatively, you can choose to Download full project. See this separate article for a comparison of the two download options.

Download Project in JobWalk menu

Note: If you want to queue multiple projects to download you can tap on the cloud symbol of one of the projects you want to download, scroll down the list and select additional projects.

Project list in JobWalk

Working with the project

Once you have created or synced a project you can continue by uploading one or multiple sheets to your project and then you can start to take 360° photos and create a virtual tour.

NOTE: Please be aware that 3D objects are not available in the JobWalk App. Any 3D objects created in the Web Editor will only be available in the desktop view. When accessing the project from the JWA, 3D objects will NOT be displayed for a clear and functional JobWalk experience.

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