There are two ways to get started, either by creating a new project inside the JobWalk app or by downloading an online HoloBuilder project you already set up using your browser.

  1. You can start creating a new project by selecting the yellow + button at the bottom-left of your list of projects, providing project details and tapping on Create Project.

   2. To download one of your online HoloBuilder projects from your cloud and using it
       with the JobWalk app simply select it from the IN THE CLOUD section of the
       project list.
   3. Next, select Download full project. Your project will be downloaded to your
       mobile device. 

   4. If you want to queue multiple projects to download you can tap on the cloud
       symbol of one of the projects you want to download, scroll down the list and
       select additional projects. When you’re done making your selection, tap on
       Download full project.

Download full project means that all the data of that project is stored locally on your mobile device and can be edited with the JobWalk app. A large number of projects or projects with a lot of images can drastically reduce the free space you have on your device. This is where the Download project layout and Free up storage space functions come in. Layouts are all the components you need to walk your site, but nothing more.
Free up storage space turns your project into a layout.

Once your have created or synced a project you can continue by uploading one or multiple sheets to your project and then you can start to take 360° photos and create a virtual tour.

NOTE: Please be aware that 3D objects are not available in the JobWalk App. Any 3D objects created in the Web Editor will only be available in the desktop view. When accessing the project from the JWA, 3D objects will NOT be displayed for a clear and functional JobWalk experience.

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