Time Travel enables you to take multiple images of a certain location at different times. Find out more about Time Travel with the dedicated tutorial.

To use Time Travel with the JobWalk app, first, open a HoloBuilder project on your device. If you are also using the HoloBuilder web editor to work on your projects, the app will let you know whether there are online changes that you first need to synchronize with the version currently saved on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can download one of your projects from the cloud to edit it. Tap the project to open. In the overview, select the appropriate sheet and connect your mobile device to the camera.

The waypoints mark your existing images. To create a Time Travel, first, place your tripod with the camera in the room. To have the best possible experience with Time Travel, it is always useful to place the camera in the exact spot as it was for the previous image. It might help to indicate the spots in the room with some tape or another marker for feature Time Travel capturing if possible. After the camera has been placed, click the corresponding waypoint on the sheet in the JobWalk app. 

Always check if the correct waypoint is bounded by blue rectangles and tap on the capture button. Repeat the process for all waypoints. Waypoints that already have a new Time Travel, will be indicated with a check mark on the waypoint. When all the waypoints are marked with a check mark that Time Travel is complete.

To save your progress, synchronize it to the cloud when finished and you have a good internet connection again. If you leave a Time Travel incomplete the app will ask whether you want to continue the old time travel or start a new one. Continuing allows you to complete a Time Travel you didn’t mean to leave incomplete, starting a new Time Travels allows you to add an iteration to a project.

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