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How to delete a TimeTravel Scene in the JobWalk App
How to delete a TimeTravel Scene in the JobWalk App

Learn more about how to delete a TimeTravel Scene in the HoloBuilder JobWalk App

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You can delete a TimeTravel Scene without having to delete all images of one location either 

Note: Instead of removing a TimeTravel image that is placed at the wrong location, you can also relocate it to a different TimeTravel location in the Web Editor.

How to delete a TimeTravel scene in the JobWalk app

  1. In the JobWalk app, open the project you would like to delete a scene from.

  2. Select the location/waypoint from which you want to delete the scene and choose Open in the menu at the bottom.

  3. Tap on the drop with the date at the top of the scene view. The menu with all related TimeTravels for this locations shows. 

  4. Select the date of the scene that you wish to remove. 

  5. In the upper right corner of the screen, click the three dots in a row in order to open the Scene Actions

  6. Several options for the scene will now appear. Click Delete lastest 360 image

  7. In a new window, you will be asked to confirm the deleting of the scene. Click the black DELETE button. The image will be deleted and is not available in the TimeTravel drop-down menu anymore.

Deleting a TimeTravel scene in JobWalk app

NOTE: Should you realize later that a previously deleted TimeTravel image is in fact needed again, you can still recover older project versions via the project version history in the Web Editor. Please be aware that this will undo all the changes you made. 

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