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How to delete a TimeTravel Scene in the Web Editor
How to delete a TimeTravel Scene in the Web Editor

Learn how to delete an individual TimeTravel Scene from your HoloBuilder project.

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You can delete a TimeTravel Scene without having to delete all images of one location either 

Note: Instead of removing a TimeTravel image that is placed at the wrong location, you can also relocate it to a different TimeTravel location.

How to delete a single TimeTravel image

Deleting a TimeTravel Scene works more or less the same as deleting any other 360° Scene in the Web Editor. 

  1. Select the TimeTravel Scene location that should be deleted in the scene list of the Project Panel or by clicking on the corrsponding location/waypoint on the sheet.

  2. Choose the correct TimeTravel from the TimeTravel drop-down menu (from the correct date of recording).

  3. Now, click the small trash can symbol on the right side of the scene preview in the project panel.

  4. A new modal will open asking whether you really want to delete this scene. Click DELETE to confirm deleting the currently selected TimeTravel scene from this location.

    Note: In the modal, you can also select Remove all TimeTravel Scenes of this location, if you want to delete all TimeTravels of that location and not just the selected one.

  5. The TimeTravel Scene(s) will now be removed from your project and is/are no longer available in the TimeTravel list. 

Deleting a single TimeTravel scene

Should you need to retrieve the deleted TimeTravel Scene later on or realize you deleted the wrong image, you can still retrieve older versions of your HoloBuilder project via the project version history.

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