When working with the Web Editor, usually there are changes made to an active project. New 360° pictures are uploaded, markups are added/deleted or other objects are inserted. If you decide that you prefer an older version of your project though and do not want to revoke all changes manually step by step, you can use the version history to reset your project to a former state. 

1. Open your project in the Web Editor. 

2. Use the key combination Alt + V. Your project version history will open automatically within the Editor.

3. The project version history shows you all versions of the project that you ever saved, including the newest version  - sorted top to bottom chronologically starting with the most recently saved version. 

4. From the list, choose which version you would like to retrieve. Click on the date of the version to select it and then click on LOAD VERSION in the lower right corner of the window. 

5. Confirm one more time that you want to load that specific version of the project. 

6. The older version of your project will open in the Web Editor. You can edit it in the way you want to and save it again like any other project.

Note: Only once you have saved your project after retrieving a former version, this version will be set again as the active project version. Please make sure to save before closing the Web Editor.

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