How to delete a sheet or floorplan

Learn how to delete a project sheet in the HoloBuilder Web Editor

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When working on a project in the Web Editor, it is important to be able to keep track of your sheets and scenes in the project panel. The bigger the project, the bigger the sheet's and scene's list in the project panel. In order to make sure that only necessary information is conveyed in a project and you can keep order in your project panel remove unnecessary information from the project.

Should you want to delete a sheet from your project, you can find out how to do so below.

Note: Alternatively to deleting the whole sheet, you can also replace the sheet with a new file. This option will keep all image waypoints in place and only exchange the sheet image. Learn more.

  1.  Open your project in the Web Editor and find the project panel on the left hand side of your screen. 

  2. In the list of sheets and scenes, select the sheet to be deleted.

  3. Now, click the small trash can symbol on the right side of the sheet preview.

  4. A new window will appear in the Web Editor, asking if you really want to delete the Sheet. Click the yellow DELETE button to confirm the deleting of the sheet.

  5. The sheet is now deleted and will not appear in the project panel list anymore.

    Please note that all scenes that had been attached to this sheet will not be deleted with the sheet and will now be listed at the bottom of the project panel list. The images need to be deleted individually.

Deleting a sheet or floorplan in HoloBuilder Web Editor

In case you accidentally delete the wrong sheet or decide that you actually do need it again later, you can retrieve older versions of your project via the project version history. That way you can still regain access to deleted sheets or scenes.

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