When working on a project in the Web Editor, sheets are essential in order to keep your 360 images organized. You can add one or multiple sheets to your project as the basis for the capturing of the 360 scenes.

  1. Upload new sheets

  2. Organize your sheets

1 Uploading new sheets

In order to add a sheet to your HoloBuilder project, open the corresponding project in the Web Editor first. 

1. To add a sheet to a project, click on the + button in the project panel at the lower left bottom of your screen. An Upload dialogue will open.

NOTE: If you want to add a sheet to a new, empty project, the upload dialogue will open automatically as soon as you open the project in the Web Editor.

2. Under Sheets, you can now upload the desired sheet(s) by either...

(a) Dragging and dropping the desired number of sheets at once in the highlighted area (as shown in the image below).
(b) Clicking on that same area to browse for the file(s) on your computer. It is possible to add one or more sheets at a time. 

4. After uploading the sheet files, you will be asked to adjust and confirm each sheet individually.

  • In the upper right corner, you can see the number of the currently displayed sheet and the total number of sheets about to be added.

  • Below the image of your sheet, you find the name of the file you are currently editing. This name will later be the one shown in the added sheets list.

  • Above the sheet, you can find the buttons for cropping and rotating the sheet as you like. 

  • The High Resolution Sheet feature next to the crop & rotate buttons allows you to import the sheet in its highest resolution. To turn it on, toggle the switch next to the cropping tool from OFF to ON.

    Note: In order to make the projects load faster, standard sheets are being automatically reduced in their resolution. For large floor plans, this might make it difficult to see all details. If you really need to see the details on your sheet, you can enable High Res. Sheet option.

5. When you are finished editing the first sheet, add the current sheet to the project by clicking the IMPORT button in the lower right corner. Proceed for each sheet file of your batch upload alike.

2 Organizing your sheets in a project

Once the sheets have been added to a project, they can be organized:

  • Exchanging a sheet file
    If an updated sheet becomes available while a project is already being worked on it can be necessary to replace the sheet in a project - learn more.

  • Delete a sheet
    Sometimes sheets do not fit in the project anymore or are not necessary anymore; make sure to clean up the project and remove any sheets not needed - learn more.

  • Duplicate a sheet
    Copy a sheet in the project panel with or without it's location markers - learn more.

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