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How to upload Sheets in the JobWalk App
How to upload Sheets in the JobWalk App

Sheets are required to place your 360° photos and tie them to a location. Learn how to upload them on-the-go.

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When creating a project via the Job Walk App, you first need to add a sheet before you can include any 360° images to the project.

Note: We recommend uploading your sheets via the Web Editor. However, you can still upload anything that is missing also in the field.

Adding a sheet in the JobWalk app

Via the JobWalk App, you can choose between 4 different sources for adding your own sheet. If you do not have a sheet available you can also continue without adding one and we will provide you with a simple grid as sheet replacement.

These are the 4 sources, from which you can upload a sheet:

  • Take a photo of your sheet

  • Pick a file (from your device)

  • Dropbox Download

  • Use Google Maps

Add a sheet in the JobWalk app

Types of sheets

  1. Take a photo of your sheet
    Use your mobile device’s camera to take a picture of a Sheet, e.g. from the printed plan on-site or the fire escape plan.

  2. Pick a file
    Pick an image or pdf file saved on your smartphone to use as a Sheet (on Android devices).

    Please note that on iOS devices the “Pick a file” option only links to your photo gallery. To choose a PDF as a Sheet, you first need to load the PDF on the iOS device (from a PC, download, etc.). Then, open the file and share it to the JobWalk app. This will execute by pointing back to the JobWalk screen with the Sheet; ready to start taking photos. You can apply this solution to multiple Sheets, also.

  3. Download from Dropbox
    Log into your Dropbox account and choose an image or pdf file to use as a Sheet.

  4. Use Google Maps
    Either allow automatic position tracking or find the position of your site in Google Maps and crop the portion you want to use as a Sheet.

  5. Continue without a Sheet
    If you do not yet have a Sheet for your project, you can use our provided gridline as a replacement. 

Provided gridline as Sheet replacement

Please note that it is possible to replace the Sheet later on in the HoloBuilder editor.

Once you have uploaded one or multiple Sheets you can continue by taking 360° photos and create a virtual tour.

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