To get started, make sure to download the latest version of the JobWalk App for Android or iOS here.

The Geolocated Capture is a feature within the HoloBuilder’s JobWalk app. This integration with Google Maps allows you to capture massive open space projects with ease. Using the GPS location of your mobile device, the JobWalk App locates you and automatically shows you where on the floor plan you are situated with a blue pin - similar to other GPS enabled apps that you already use.

Find a video on how to work with the Google Maps integration below:

Access the Google Maps integration

Internet connection

To load the map, you will need access to the internet. Make sure to have a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby on-site or enable mobile data use for the JobWalk app on your mobile device. Otherwise, the Google Maps integration will not load. Alternatively, you can also prepare the map configuration beforehand at the office.

Access the Google Maps integration

Open the app on your mobile device and start a new project. Alternatively, you can also select an existing project to edit and click on ‘Add a sheet’. From the overview, select ‘Use Google Maps’. The satellite view of your current location will be shown.

Select an area

  1. On the map, zoom into your location to get the right view of the area you want to capture. 
  2. Pinch the screen to zoom just like in Google Maps.
    If you like, you can switch the view between ‘Satellite’, ‘Terrain’ or ‘Relief’. 
  3. Click on the drop-down menu at the top to switch the view.
  4. To define the area you want to work on, switch to the selection mode by tapping on the location icon in the upper right corner.
    In the selection mode, the map is locked and cannot be zoomed or dragged anymore. 
  5. Tap on the screen and move your finger over the screen so that the appearing yellow box frames the area you want to select as an image.
    Once you release the box and lift your finger from the screen, the selection of the area will be made. 
  6. Complete a selection:
  • Confirm the selection in the preview to use the created image as a sheet. 
  • Or reject it to redo the selection of the area. Change the focus area on the map by switching back to the editing mode. Tap on the pen icon in the upper right corner to switch the mode. Zoom and drag the map to adjust your view.

Place the 360 views

Once you have made the selection of the area on the map, the area will be added as a sheet to your project. On the image, you will see a positioning icon marking your location and orientation on the selected area. The positioning icon will move along with you while you walk the job site in real-time. The geolocation accuracy depends on your GPS signal quality and will be about 1 to 4 meters

Capture location-based images

Images will be captured and placed at your current location according to your GPS coordinates. Tap on the location icon in the lower left corner to capture an image in the current location. The location will be marked automatically with a waypoint and you can move along to the next location to capture additional images.

Manually placing images

Alternatively, you can tap on any location directly on the sheet to capture an image, e.g. if the accuracy of the GPS is not that good. For example when switching from outdoor locations to indoor or underground.

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