Please note that this feature is part of a paid add-on, please contact or your personal contact to learn more about your options.

IMPORTANT: In order to make use of this feature, you will need to first georeference your floor plan in the Web Editor - learn more.

The GPS Feature is targeted towards linear/civil type projects but can also be used during the early stages of general buildings before the structure gets put in place. With the GPS feature you can:

  1. Add GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) to floor plans - learn more.

  2. Upload 360° photos according to their GPS data to a georeferenced sheet on the Web Editor - learn more.

  3. Enable GPS Tracking of your movements on a geo-referenced sheet while capturing photos on the JWA - jump to the section below


Enabling GPS tracking on the JobWalk app is ideal for outdoor projects (linear/infrastructure type projects) before any structure has been put in place. Tracking your movement on the site while capturing photos allows you to make sure to take the photos at the correct location.

How to track your movements on the floorplan in the JobWalk app and capture location-based 360° images

Follow the simple steps below in order to position yourself on the floor plan when using the JobWalk app:

  1. Make sure to add GPS information to all your project's floor plans on the Web Editor as a first step - learn more.

    Note: The required georeference cannot be added later on the JobWalk app when on the site.

  2. Download and open the project with georeferenced floor plans on your JobWalk App.

  3. Open the project and then the floor plan you want to start capturing in the app.

  4. Activate the GPS tracking by clicking on the location symbol on the right. (see screenshot below)

  5. Your location will then appear on the floor plan in the form of a blue arrow.

  6. Start your site walk and capture photos while keeping track via the blue arrow of your position/location.

    1. Walk to a position you want to capture and stop to place the camera.

    2. Trigger the camera with the button at the bottom of the screen - a new waypoint will be created on the position the blue arrow was.

    3. Continue to your next stop.

  7. Continue the walk to complete the first sheet, then switch to the next.

    Note: You can check the accuracy of your GPS tracking in the lower right corner of the app and have the option to switch to standard capturing anytime by just clicking on the location icon on the right side menu again.
    HoloBuilder cannot influence the accuracy of the received GPS signal.

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