Please note that this feature is part of a paid add-on, please contact or your personal contact to learn more about your options.

IMPORTANT: In order to make use of this feature, you will need to first georeference your floor plan in the Web Editor - learn more.

GPS Enabled Floor Plans is targeted towards linear/civil type projects but can also be used during the early stages of general buildings before the structure gets put in place, e.g. to add 360° drone image. With the GPS feature you can:

  1. Add GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) to floor plans - learn more.

  2. Upload 360° photos according to their GPS coordinates to a georeferenced sheet on the Web Editor - Jump to the section below.

  3. Enable GPS Tracking of your movements on a georeferenced sheet while capturing photos on the JWA - learn more.


After adding GPS coordinates to your floor plan, you can upload 360° photos according to their GPS data to a georeferenced sheet on the Web Editor in a few steps.

How to manually upload 360° images onto a floorplan in the Web Editor according to their GPS coordinates

  1. Add GPS information (longitude and latitude) to your floor plan on your Web Editor - learn more.

  2. Open a folder on your PC which contains one or multiple georeferenced 360° photos.

    Please note that only 360° photos that contain GPS data can be automatically organized on the floor plans. These images can be captured with a 360 camera while connected to the camera's native application on a mobile device or by a drone for instance. Most 360° cameras do not collect the GPS coordinates by themselves.

  3. Drag and drop the 360° photos from your desktop into the sheet map (section showing your floorplan) HoloBuilder's Web Editor and the photos will automatically organize themselves on the floor plan.

    Please note that, as for now, this feature is only available for 360° photos and therefore won't work for 2D photos.

  4. The images will be linked according to their GPS coordinates on the sheet with new waypoints (yellow dot). You can click a waypoint to check the image.

  5. Save your changes by clicking on the "Save" button on the top of the screen.

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