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How to add a description to your 360 images
How to add a description to your 360 images

Find out how to add short descriptions to your scenes in the HoloBuilder web editor.

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Adding a description or some notes to the 360 scenes of a project can be helpful for better report creation, e.g. with the PDF report. 

Add a description to a scene in the Web Editor:

  1.  Open the project in the Web Editor. 

  2. Navigate to a scene. 

  3. In the lefthand side project panel, find the pencil icon next to the scene's thumbnail. Click the pen icon or the name of the scene to open a new modal with the Scene Settings.

  4. Under Scene Description, enter a short text about the given scene. This feature allows you to give the persons using the project any additional information about each specific scene.
    Please note that this text field is only for simple text structures. In order to, e.g., add text as bullet points, copy the pre-formated text from a text document.

  5. Select Apply Changes in order to save your changes.

Scene description settings in HoloBuilder Web Editor

Note. Your scene description can be accessed and changed/updated through the web editor anytime. It will also appear on the PDF report of your project.

Scene description in PDF report in HoloBuilder Web Editor

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