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How to edit your TimeTravel scenes on the Web-Editor
How to edit your TimeTravel scenes on the Web-Editor

Learn here how to edit your TimeTravel scenes on the Web-Editor

Written by Giancarlo Jimenez
Updated over a week ago

HoloBuilder provides you with a variety of options if you plan to edit your TimeTravel scenes for the progress documentation on the Web-Editor.

You can add (action) objects to your scenes, set the orientation of a TimeTravel scene or even change a TimeTravel scene e.g. within a sheet.

Learn more about working with the TimeTravel feature

  • on the Web-Editor

  • in the JobWalk-App (recommended way for adding progress documentation)

TimeTravel images are seen as independent images and are not linked to their predecessors. Any changes made on one image will not be reflected on any other TimeTravel image on this location.

Changing or rearranging a time travel scene

There are different options to help you reorganize your TimeTravel images and where to find them:

  1. Reorder the locations in the project panel on the left

    1. Drag and drop the listed scene names in the project panel on the left to rearrange the order, e.g. within a sheet.

  2. Reorder the TimeTravel images for one location in the TimeTravel drop-down menu:

    1. To reorder the TimeTravels listed in the TimeTravel drop-down menu, you need to adjust the timestamp in the scene properties of the TimeTravel scene you want to rearrange.

    2. Save the new time stamp - If the drop-down does not refresh immediately, switch to another scene and back.

  3. Relocate a TimeTravel from one location to another:

    1. Open the TimeTavel image you want to move to another location, e.g. if it was accidentally captured on the wrong waypoint.

    2. Open the scene settings for this image.

    3. Choose a different waypoint to relocate the TimeTravel to.

  4. Manually replace/exchange the 360° image of the TimeTravel:

    1. Change the 360° image of a TimeTravel scene by selecting it and clicking the two facing arrows next to the scene preview.

    2. Browse for the new 360° image on your local drive and apply it.


All added action objects etc. will stay the same inside the edited TimeTravel.

Adding actions- and other objects

Add any objects, actions or animations to any scene as you are used to. Both, the hotspot scene as well as the TimeTravel scene can be enriched as usual.


There are many objects available that can be added to your project, from simple text over media files, like sounds or videos, to custom 3D - learn more in this article.

Keep in mind, that you need to edit each TimeTravel iteration individually.

Your inserted object, actions or animations will not be applied to each iteration automatically.

Setting the Default View Orientation of a TimeTravel scene

You can set the orientation of a scene for each scene individually.

Default view of TimeTravel scene

Setting the default view orientation of 360° photosphere in HoloBuilder only requires three simple steps:

  1. Create your tour with the JobWalk app or by importing your 360° images or renderings into the web editor.

  2. Rotate and zoom the view’s orientation like you want it to be shown to the viewer when he opens the scene in the player.

  3. Click the tiny camera icon next to the preview thumbnail in the left sidebar to save the current view as the default view for the selected 360° image. The preview will be updated accordingly.

To set a new default view for a 360° image that has already one, simply adjust the view and click once again on the little camera symbol next to the image preview.


You need to set the default view for each 360° image individually. TimeTravel scenes will not inherit the default view of their predecessor scene.

Click camera icon to save current view

Add categories to all time travel scenes within the same location

It is now possible to apply a category to all the time travel photos on the same location.

  1. Open the scene settings by right clicking on a waypoint or a scene and choose

    Edit waypoint categories or click on the pencil icon next to the scene preview.

    Edit waypoint categories

  2. Select the categories and set a check mark on Apply changes to all TimeTravels.

    Confirm by clicking on APPLY CHANGES.

    Apply changes to all TimeTravels


This feature cannot be applied across the project, only TimeTravel scenes can be tagged with the same category without the option to select specific scenes.


If you still have any questions about TimeTravel or HoloBuilder in general, please let us know via e-mail at

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