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How to Change the Default View Orientation of a Scene in HoloBuilder
How to Change the Default View Orientation of a Scene in HoloBuilder

Set a default view to help you to set a fixed entry orientation for a 360° scene.

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1 Set the default view

The default view can be set for any 360° image within the project panel on the left-hand side of the editor.

The tiny camera icon next to the preview thumbnail updates the slide preview with the view orientation you selected and sets this as the default view when the slide is opened.

Set default view UI in HoloBuilder

Setting the default view orientation of 360° photosphere in HoloBuilder only requires three simple steps:

  1. Create your tour with the JobWalk app or by importing your 360° images or renderings into the web editor.

  2. Rotate and zoom the view’s orientation like you want it to be shown to the viewer when he opens the scene in the player.

  3. Click the tiny camera icon next to the preview thumbnail in the left sidebar to save the current view as the default view for the selected 360° image. The preview accordingly will be updated accordingly.

Find also below a GIF to better demonstrate the sequence for setting up a default view for a scene. To set a new default view for a 360° image that has already one, simply adjust the view and click once again on the little camera symbol next to the image preview.

Note that you need to set the default view for each 360° image individually. TimeTravel scenes will not inherit the default view of their predecessor scene.

Set new default view in HoloBuilder

2 The default view in the web player

In the player, the default view will only apply if switching the 360° image via the hotspots in the sheet map, the scene list in the project panel on the left sidebar or with the navigation panel at the top.

Note that, when switching the scene with the ‘Go to scene’ action object icon, the default view will not be applied. Here, the view will orient the image to the same ‘walking’ direction in relation to the previous 360° image to provide some orientation in the tour. 

Default view UI in Web Viewer


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