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How to hide the sheet map in the web editor or viewer
How to hide the sheet map in the web editor or viewer

Collapse the sheet map to get a better view of your 360 scenes for editing or viewing a project.

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To have a better view of your project on, e.g., small screens like tablets or when using SplitScreen, you can temporarily hide the sheetmap from your screen. 

1. Click/tap on the little bar in the upper right corner of the sheetmap drop-down menu.

2. The sheet map will be hidden from the view. 

Show Hide Sheet Map in Splitscreen

3. Show the sheet map again by clicking/tapping on the little enlarge screen icon on the right-hand side of the sheet map drop-down menu.

Hide the sheet map on SplitScreen

In order to get a better SplitScreen experience, you can also hide the screen in this side-by-side view.

Hide Sheet Map in side by side view

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