The intuitive interface improves 360° image taking and virtual tour creation with HoloBuilder, enabling you to create your virtual 360° tour anywhere while on the go. 

All you need is :

  1. an iOS or Android mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

    For all devices, make sure to have at least 2 GB RAM and >10 GB free memory on the device - please find the complete specs here.
    All newer iOS devices (iOS 14 or newer) are compatible with the JobWalk app.
    For Android, please find an overview of all compatible Android mobile devices here.

  2. A supported 360° camera like, e.g., the Insta360 OneX2 or another compatible camera.

    NOTE: You can find a current list of cameras compatible with HoloBuilder’s JobWalk App here. Please also find a comparison of the most commonly used cameras here.

  3. the JobWalk App, available for iOS or Android. - Download
    If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the version for EU servers.

NOTE: Download a guide for the JobWalk app setup and best practices here.

Getting started

  1. Download the official JobWalk app for your Android or iOS device. - Download
    If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the version for EU servers.

Please always make sure to update your app on a regular basis to have the most recent version available and reduce and errors with outdated app versions.

   2. Log in or sign up to HoloBuilder. For your tour to be viewed and shared online, it
       needs to be uploaded to HoloBuilder. Only when logged into your account, you
       can synchronise your projects with the cloud. 

   a) You can log in to your JobWalk app account with the same credentials of your
       HoloBuilder account. Open the JobWalk app and select Login here in the upper
       right corner.
   b) Enter your HoloBuilder login credential or choose the lower third-party login, e.g.
       Autodesk or Procore.
   c) If you do not yet have a HoloBuilder account, switch to sign up or continue as a

Note: On iOS direct signup is not possible. Please sign up using the browser

on your PC.
Ideally, you should sign up for HoloBuilder with the link from the invite email.

   d) Create a new account with your email address. Alternatively, you can also create
       a HoloBuilder account with one of the available third-party account logins.

   3. After logging in, you will see the Projects screen separated into two lists:

  • ON THIS DEVICE: The projects you currently have downloaded to the device with the JobWalk app ready for editing.

  •  IN THE CLOUD: The projects that are ready for download from your HoloBuilder account.

   4. The magnifying glass in the top right allows you to quickly search through your

   5. The app can be configured according to your needs to improve performance or
       better adjust to your work environment. 

Learn more about the app menu and the settings in this tutorial.

Working with the JobWalk App

1. Create or edit a project with JobWalk

Once you are logged in and adjusted the settings to your needs you can start working with the JobWalk App.
Using the same account, the projects in the JobWalk App are the same you can see in the Web Editor.

To learn how to create projects within the JobWalk App or work on or contribute to ongoing projects please refer to our dedicated tutorial.

2. Upload sheets in the JobWalk App

If you create a new project from scratch in the JobWalk App you will need to upload one or multiple sheets to your project.

For learning how to work with sheets in the JobWalk App, this tutorial will help you.

3. Capture 360° photos and create tours with the JobWalk App

Once you uploaded at least one sheet you can start capturing.

In order to capture photos, you need a 360° camera connected to the mobile device with the JobWalk App. Please find out which cameras are supported and how to connect them to your device here.

Once connected, please refer to our tutorial on how to capture 360° photos and create tours with the JobWalk App.

4. Add Time Travel scenes

Time Travel enables you to take multiple images of a certain location at different times. If you are already familiar with Time Travel you can learn how to use the feature in our JobWalk App to add Time Travels on-site in this tutorial.

If you have never worked with it before and would like to get a better understanding of this functionality and the advantages, you can first read the general Time Travel tutorial for the Web Editor.

5. Mark issues on-site

Once you have captured a 360 image for a location, you can augment this image with 360 markups and 2D images. Learn how to add markups to your Job Walk directly on-site here

Find out how to include 2D images in your 360 capture, e.g. for close-ups, here

Project Collaboration in the JobWalk App

All editing options as described above for a job walk can also be used in a team. 

Work simultaneously on a project to better distribute the workload and become even more efficient. Any progress will be uploaded and merged automatically.

View your tour

  1. To view and share your tour, tap on the three buttons shown in the upper right corner of the project overview screen, and select ‘Open in browser’. 

  2. Consequently, the project is displayed in your browser and can be viewed as well as shared as usual.

Report a problem to support

If you experience any problems with a project in the JobWalk app, e.g. when the project is not uploading, please help us help you by sending an e-mail with the project info log. This tutorial explains how to do so in a few easy steps.

Keep your JobWalk App updated

Update the JobWalk App, e.g., directly from Google Play for your Android device or in the App Store for your iOS device:

If you still have any questions about the JobWalk App or HoloBuilder in general, please let us know by e-mail at or via our integrated live chat.

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