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Troubleshooting camera connection problems with the JobWalk App.
Troubleshooting camera connection problems with the JobWalk App.

Follow these general steps to troubleshoot 360 Camera-JobWalk app connection issues.

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The JobWalk App (JWA) is the fastest and easiest way to document construction progress with 360 degree reality capture. The connection process of the app with an HoloBuilder compatible 360 cameras should work quickly and seamlessly.

Connection issues, although rare, can happen and can impede the site walk and delay the site progress.

There are different reasons that could explain a failed connection between a 360 camera and the JobWalk app. The most common reasons are : using an outdated JobWalk App (JWA) version/the wrong app for your HoloBuilder Server Solution/an outdated camera firmware version/ a non-supported camera, not setting up the camera correctly, problem with the camera's software...

In order to avoid facing connection issues, please consider checking on the following before heading to the site or when you encounter a connection problem.

1. Conditions for a successful connection

Make sure that these below conditions are satisfied before your capturing session:

  • Using the latest JWA version to make sure that your app is up-to-date with the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. Download the JobWalk App for iOS or Android.

    If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the version for EU servers.

  • Using a compatible 360 camera and setting it up correctly. Please find useful tutorials on our supported cameras and their setup guides in this dedicated article.

  • Using a recommended iOS device or Android device and making sure they have the adequate System Specs For Mobile Devices when using HoloBuilder.

  • Making Sure that the camera's SD card or internal memory is not full.
    If a SD card is required, make sure an SD card is inserted into the camera.

2. Troubleshooting steps when connection between the JWA and the 360 camera fails.

Try the below troubleshooting steps if the connection is lost or if you don't succeed in establishing the connection:

  • Turning off the mobile internet data before connecting the JWA with the camera's internal Wi-Fi.

  • Updating the camera's firmware. Please visit the camera provider's website to check on firmware updates.

  • Checking the permission settings of your JWA on your device to be sure "Local Network" is enabled.
    - On iOS go to: settings>JobWalk App>Enable "Local Network". See screenshot below.

    Permission settings of JWA on iOS

    - On Android go to : System settings > App permission > turn on "Nearby devices". See an example screenshot below

    Permission settings of JWA on Android

  • Making sure the camera is in "capture" mode and not in "video" mode.

  • Forgetting the camera's Wi-Fi network on the device and trying to establish the connection again.

  • When using an Insta360 camera, making sure to insert an SD card before connecting with the JWA.

  • Downloading the camera's native app and testing if the camera connects with it. If not then there could be an issue with the camera's software. In this case, users should to reach out to the camera provider for further troubleshooting.

3. Connection with SpeedMode

If the SpeedMode is not starting on the device, it is important to check the camera permissions for the JWA.

  • On iOS devices:
    1. Go to device Settings
    2. Select JobWalk from the list
    3. Enable “Camera“ option

  • On Android Devices:
    1. Open the system settings screen of the JobWalk App (the screen where you could also uninstall the app)
    2. Click on App permissions
    3. Make sure the Camera permission is allowed

If the recommendations above do not fix the camera connection issue, please contact our team at

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