The following are recommended specs to use the native applications of HoloBuilder, such as the JobWalk app, and the web version of HoloBuilder on your mobile device. Please note that these are recommended specs so devices that do not meet these requirements might also work correctly with our software but are more likely to cause any issues.

Recommendations for the Mobile app experience (with the JobWalk app)

Android - Recommended Specs

  1. Android 6 or later

  2. Min. 32 GB internal storage

  3. 3 GB RAM

See also this help article with all supported Android devices.

Suggested Android: Galaxy Tab S, Samsung Galaxy S9, or Google Pixel 2.

A more detailed list of recommended Android devices to use with the JobWalk App can be found here.

iOS - Recommended Specs

  1. iOS 11 or later

  2. Min. 32 GB internal storage
    (Note: There are no devices with less than 32 GB storage)

  3. 2 GB RAM

Suggested iOS devices: iPhone X or newer, iPad Air, iPad.

Recommendations for the Mobile web experience

  1. The mobile web viewer runs in the mobile browser on any common iOS or Android device.

  2. For viewing HoloBuilder projects on your mobile device there is no special hardware needed.
    We recommend using Chrome on mobile devices (both Android and iOS) for the best performance.

  3. Some devices that support the WebVR standard additionally allow an improved VR experience (see our VR documentation here for additional details).

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