Compatible 360° cameras for the JobWalk App

Get an overview of all compatible 360° cameras for use with the JobWalk App

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Below, you can find all officially approved cameras compatible with the HoloBuilder JobWalk app. Please find a list of our recommended cameras here.

Make sure to download the JobWalk app to your mobile Android or iOS device to get the full HoloBuilder experience. You can learn more about how to work with the JobWalk App in general in our Getting Started guide.

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NOTE: If you are using the HoloBuilder EU server solution you will need to download the JobWalk app for EU for Android or iOS.

Compatible mobile devices

Overview compatible cameras

  • In general, all 360° cameras using the OpenSphericalCamera (OSC) API are (most likely) compatible with the JobWalk App as well as a list of other approved cameras.

  • A list of all currently supported 360° cameras with a link on how to connect each of the cameras with the JobWalk App can be found below sorted by preference and manufacturer.

  • Please also find a camera guide that we put together for you to get a comparative view of the different options.

Officially approved cameras


Compare your different Ricoh Theta models to find the best option for you on our camera guide

  • Ricoh Theta V (get the camera)

    NOTE: The Theta V camera was discontinued as of February 2021 by Ricoh and will not be available for purchase anymore. However, the HoloBuilder JobWalk app is still compatible with the existing devices.

  • Ricoh Theta S (get the camera)

    NOTE: The Theta S camera is already outdated and not recommended for use with the JobWalk app anymore due to very low resolution compared to the newer camera options.


IMPORTANT: The raw images of the Insta360 cameras are saved in a format on the camera that is not supported for direct upload in the HoloBuilder Web Editor. Learn more on how to convert the image format in our Insta360 help article if you plan to manually upload the images from the camera to HoloBuilder without using the JobWalk app (not recommended).


Before you can use any Insta360 camera with the JobWalk app, you need to register the camera in the dedicated app from Insta360. Please check the setup guide for your camera.




  • Bublcam

* Some cameras are currently only compatible with the iOS JobWalk App. Support for Android devices might follow soon.

** Currently, officially only the compatibility is confirmed with iOS devices - the likelihood of compatibility with Android devices, however, is very high and might be even possible or get approved in the future.

Set up and connect your 360° camera with the JobWalk app

To properly use any of the cameras listed above with the JobWalk app, simply establish a connection between your mobile device and the camera. You will find an instruction on how to connect each camera linked accordingly.

Please note: Even if you do not have any of these cameras at your disposal you can still use HoloBuilder. Our Web Editor supports all 360° photographs in both equirectangular or cube map formats. This allows you to use photos from almost all cameras. Learn more on how to create a virtual tour in the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

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