IMPORTANT: In general, it is recommended to capture your progress with the JobWalk app as this is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish progress capturing. Learn more here

Note: Some cameras, like the Insta360 cameras, save their raw images in a format on the camera that is not supported for direct upload in the HoloBuilder Web Editor. Learn more on how to convert the image format here for manually uploading these images from the camera to HoloBuilder without using the JobWalk app (not recommended).

However, on some occasions, you might want to add individual images manually directly from your computer. This can be done as described below.


  • due to safety reasons or technical issues, the JobWalk app could not be used for capturing,

  • 360 images were captured even before starting to use HoloBuilder and are stored on the PC.

Note: When uploading images via the Web Editor, the images will not be linked to the correct location on the sheet. This is an extra step you will need to make after the images have been uploaded.

Upload your 360° images

In the HoloBuilder Web Editor in your web browser (preferably Chrome), you can upload your 360° images by 

1. Open an existing project or create a new project in the Web Editor. 

2. Press the '+' button in the lower-left corner.

3. Click on the highlighted area in the tab ‘360° Scene’ and browse your computer to select the file to be uploaded or drag and drop the files to be uploaded directly from your desktop onto the rectangular interaction area of the upload popup.

Note: Add multiple photospheres at once by drag and drop or directly selecting them by browsing your files.

4. Subsequently, your 360° images will appear in the left-hand project panel.

Note: The images have a gray icon as they are not related to a sheet. Click, drag and drop an image from the left panel onto the sheet map to place a waypoint. Learn more on how to work with scenes and sheets in the Web Editor here

5. Place a 360 image on the sheet: Click and drag a 360 image in the project panel. Drag the 360 image onto the sheet map in the upper right corner - learn more on this process here.

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