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How to transfer Insta360 ONE X images to your computer
How to transfer Insta360 ONE X images to your computer

When taking pictures with the Insta360 ONE X, make sure to use the app for correct picture format conversion when transferring to your PC.

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The Insta360 ONE X raw image format is not the standard equirectangular or cubemap format known in 360 photography. The image format displaying the two views of the lenses as 2 circles in the flattened image is not compatible with the HoloBuilder platform and needs to be converted.

There are two possibilities how you can transfer your Insta360 ONE X images to your HoloBuilder project. When taking the 360 images directly via the JobWalk App, you can easily add new pictures directly from within the project. There is no conversion of the image files necessary.

But, if you took the images independently with the Insta360 ONE X App, you can also use those as images for your HoloBuilder project. It just takes a few extra steps to get the images into your project.

  1. On your mobile device, open the Insta360 ONE X app

  2. In the app, go to Album and open the image to be transferred.

  3. Now, you need to save the image locally to the album of your mobile device. For this, tap on the share button in the upper right corner of your screen and then select Album

  4. Check the photo once more (360° or MultiView mode) and confirm the transfer by clicking on the checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen. 

  5. The image will now export to your mobile device's photo album. Once it is finished, confirm the export again. The image is now saved directly on your device. 

  6. Next, connect the device with your laptop and simply transfer the image as you would normally do with any other picture from your image gallery.

Transfer Insta360 ONE X images to computer

   7. You now have the images in the correct format. To upload the image to your
       HoloBuilder you just need to go to the Web Editor and upload the 360 image via
       the grey "+ button" in the project panel.
​       See here for more information on how to manually uploade 360 images to you             Holobuilder project.    


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