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How to manually add 360 images as waypoints to a floor plan
How to manually add 360 images as waypoints to a floor plan

Learn more about how to manually specify the location for a 360 image with a waypoint on the floor plan in the web editor.

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In general, it is recommended to capture your progress with the JobWalk app as this is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this. 

However, in some occasions you might want to add individual images manually from your computer and place them on the floor plan. This can be done as described below.

Place a 360 image as a waypoint on the floorplan

In the HoloBuilder Web Editor in your web browser (preferably Chrome) you can upload your 360° images and manually place the on a sheet:

1. Upload sheets and 360 images in the web editor.

2.  In the project panel on the left side of the editor, switch to the sheet you want to add new 360 images to as new waypoints.

Switching to sheet to add new 360 images

3. If necessary, scroll down the project panel to get to the where the unassigned 360 images are listed. 

Note: 360 images that have no waypoint set to mark their location and relation a sheet, will be marked in gray. Only when a 360 images has a waypoint linking it to a location on a sheet, the icon will be yellow.

4. Click on the 360 image's name that you want to place on the selected sheet and hold.

5. Drag the scene name onto the correct location of the floor plan.

6. Release to drop the image on the sheet and create a waypoint for it, linking it on that spot on the floorplan. 


The waypoint's position can always be adjusted by clicking and dragging it on the floor plan.
Also click the lock symbol next to the sheet map to unlock waypoints in order to move them.

Drop image on the sheet and create a waypoint

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