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How to plan and organize JobWalks with the JobWalk Planner
How to plan and organize JobWalks with the JobWalk Planner

Create Location Markers and share them with your coworkers so you are always one step ahead in the capturing process

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The JobWalk App makes it easy to capture a jobsite, but when the site is large and the project team is big it can be difficult to plan the capturing process ahead of time.

To remove some of the friction we created the JobWalk Planner that lets you mark all locations that are to be captured before the actual Jobwalk takes place.

Learn below how to work with this feature and schedule a JobWalk.

Create Location Markers

  1. Open the project in the Web Editor.

  2. To create a new Location Marker, right-click on the desired location on the sheet map and choose to Create Location Marker in the context menu.

Create Location Marker in JobWalk Planner

   2. A dialog will open where you can choose a name for the new Location Marker.
       This name will later show up in the navigation bar in the Web Editor and the
       category filter in the JobWalk App so we recommend choosing meaningful names
       for Location Markers.

Naming Location Marker in JobWalk Planner

   3. Click on OK to create the Location Marker with the chosen name.

   4. The new Location Marker will now show up on the sheet map as a little flag
       alongside other Location Markers and waypoints.

Setting new Location Marker in JobWalk Planner

   5. Repeat this process for each needed Location Marker.

   6. A new Location Marker category is added to the project and the Filter panel
       which now includes all new Location Markers.

   7. Please note that the newly created Location Markers will only be available to your
       team once you have saved the project.

Share Location Markers with your team

   1. When you save the project, a dialog will show up that lets you notify your team
       members about the added Location Marker(s). The dialog displays the name,
       email, and project role of all users on the project. 

   2. Select all users you wish to inform about the new Location Markers by ticking the
       checkboxes on the left side of the list.

Notify team members in JobWalk Planner

   3. Select Notify to confirm and send email notifications. 

Note: If you select No Thanks to save the project without sending any email notifications the Location Markers will still be saved.

Best Practices: Sending Select Locations Markers to Team Members

If you would like to divide the JobWalk and share specific locations with one or several members you can proceed as follows:

  1. Create only those Location Markers you would like to share with a certain team member or members as described above.

  2. Save the project and select the desired team member(s) in the dialog to share the newly created Location Markers.

  3. Create more Location Markers for the next team member or set of team member and repeat this process.

Delete Location Markers

Option 1:

  • Right click on a Location Marker and select Delete Location Marker.

  • A dialog will show asking you to confirm the deletion.

  • Click on OK to permanently delete the Location Marker.

Option 2:

  • Selects the Location Marker by clicking on it on the sheet map.

  • Press the trash bin icon in the preview panel.

  • A confirmation will appear asking "Do you really want to delete location marker?"

  • Click on OK to permanently delete the Location Marker

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