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How to work with the JobWalk App without a floor plan
How to work with the JobWalk App without a floor plan

Find out how to make use of the JobWalk app for capturing, even if no floor plan is available to you.

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In some cases, you might not have a floor plan of your project available to use as a sheet. Whether you are working on an old building that does not have accurate floor plans or you simply do not have the plans at hand, there are several alternatives to how you can substitute a sheet in the JobWalk App.

Alternative sheet options in the JobWalk app

Create your project in the Dashboard, Web Editor, or directly in the JobWalk app without adding a sheet. Open the project in the JobWalk app on-site and start by adding an alternative sheet option. Temporary sheets can always also be replaced later on.

1. Empty Grid

The first option to substitute a missing floor plan is the empty grid option that we offer in the app:

  1. In the JobWalk App, select your project in the overview and create a new sheet by tapping the + button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  2. Now, you will have several options to choose your new sheet from. Select the last option I don't have a sheet.

  3. A new sheet will be created in the project. Instead of a floor plan, you will have an empty gridline, that has alphabetical markers horizontally as well as numbers marked vertically. These markers will make it easier to navigate over the different locations on the map.

  4. Now, you can add Location Markers/Waypoints to the grid just as you would to a floor plan.

Empty grid sheet in JobWalk app

2. Rough drawing

It is also possible to create a rough drawing of the needed floor plan if you know what it is more or less supposed to look like.

  1. Find a printed version of the floor plans or draw the floorplan on a sheet of paper yourself.

  2. When adding a sheet in the JWA, choose the sheet option Take photo of your sheet. You can now capture your rough drawing/printed plan and use it as a sheet.

  3. As soon as you have access to the proper floor plans, you can use them to replace the photo version, but until then it serves as a helpful stand-in.

Create rough drawing in JobWalk app

3. No sheet

Lastly, if you only temporarily have no access to floor plans, you can just capture your images with your 360 camera, not using the JobWalk app at all. Once the missing floor plans are available to you, add the sheets and upload the new images to your project via the Web Editor.

This option is only recommended if you are capturing a few images and know that you will have access to the floor plans soon. Otherwise, this might result in losing the overview of the images and locations.

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