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How to set up SpeedMode on a HoloBuilder project in the JobWalk App
How to set up SpeedMode on a HoloBuilder project in the JobWalk App

Set up SpeedMode. After this, you will be ready to use the feature hands-on and on-site to save even more time while capturing.

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SpeedMode requires an initial Set-Up for each project and each sheet. You define the route with Location Markers and Waypoints and set a scaling for the sheet with your current location.

Note: Since the SpeedMode feature utilizes a unique combination of your phone's 3D tracking, sensors, and camera functionality, you need to make sure that you are using newer generation devices. Before following the set-up tutorial below, please make sure to read this article about the requirements for SpeedMode. Once you have fulfilled all requirements, you can return to this article and follow the steps below.

There are 5 easy steps to get started with SpeedMode:

  1. Create waypoints (by capturing 360 images) or Location Markers on the sheet map at every location for which you would like to capture on a recurring basis with SpeedMode.

  2. Start your camera and connect it to the JobWalk app. This can also be done when enabling SpeedMode in the JobWalk app.

  3. Open your project in the JobWalk app and enable SpeedMode.

  4. Set up SpeedMode by specifying your location on the sheet.

See below for more details for each step.

Preparing for SpeedMode: Marking the locations for capturing

Before you can start setting up SpeedMode for your project, you need to make sure that the sheet you would like to document holds Waypoints or Location Markers. They serve as indication for a capturing spot once you use SpeedMode.

The difference between Waypoints and Location Markers is that waypoints already include one or more 360° image. If you are unsure about how to create waypoints, please refer to this article in our Help Center.

Location Markers on the other hand can be created in the Web Editor by right-clicking anywhere on the sheet-map. They merely indicate a location still to be captured with a 360° image.

Once you have created waypoints or Location Markers in your project, you can move on to the initial setup of SpeedMode - see below.

Setup of SpeedMode for a sheet

To be able to use SpeedMode for your progress capturing, setup is required on each floor plan you want to capture on. This setup will allow the JobWalk app to better track your movement according to each floor plan and trigger the automated capturing for the waypoints on this sheet. You need to repeat the setup before every SpeedWalk, assuring maximum accuracy.

Note: As SpeedMode relies on the floorplan as well as the accuracy of your setup, it is important to use a floorplan with a realistic scale as well as being very thorough during the setup process. Please make sure to really mark your position on the sheet as accurately as possible and walk in a straight line.

SpeedMode can be enabled in your JobWalk app for each project individually:

  1. Open your project in the JobWalk app.

  2. Select the sheet of the project that you would like to capture on.

  3. Turn on your 360 camera and link it to the mobile device.

  4. In the sheet view, select the flash icon.

  5. The icon turns yellow - SpeedMode is now enabled on this sheet.

Flash icon to enable SpeedMode

Once SpeedMode is enabled (as described above), you need to specify your location and orientation on the sheet.

Note: A walkthrough is provided during the setup to support you step-by-step.

6. In the upper section of the screen where the floorplan is showing, drag the sheet
to the position you are currently at on-site.

7. Zoom in to specify your position more accurately on the floor plan.

Note: In order to better orientate yourself on the sheet, choose your current position according to some distinctive markers that you can easily recognize on the floor plan and help you to specify your current location as accurately on the floor plan as possible.

Steps to setup SpeedMode

8. Select the Start button.

9. Tap on the position on the floor plan to set your current location.

Note: You can still move your marker on the sheet after tapping start to adjust the position.

Steps to setup SpeedMode

10. Tap on Next to log your position.

Note: Please do not walk around anymore after you have logged your position until you are told to.

Steps to setup SpeedMode

11. Lift your tablet or smartphone to have the camera face to the front (as depicted
in the illustration).

Note: You will see the live-stream of your surrounding overlayed with the floor plan using Augmented Reality.

Steps to setup SpeedMode

12. Start walking in any direction, keeping the mobile device's camera facing to the
front. Important: Walk in a straight line in a single direction.

Note: If possible, choose a direction that you can easily track on the floor plan as you will need to specify your new location in a bit.

13. Walk straight in the same direction until the little blue progress bar on the

screen is full.

14. Once the blue progress bar is full, tap on Next.

Steps to setup SpeedMode

15. Move and zoom in on the floor plan to mark your new location on the sheet.

16. Once all location’s waypoints have been updated, you can tap Start and begin

capturing. You are now ready to use SpeedMode.

This tutorial (ADD LINK) will give you a detailed overview of how to do so.

Now you are all set and you can continue with capturing using SpeedMode.

Connection issues

If you have issues with SpeedMode not starting although your mobile device fulfills the requirements for it (see here), please check the camera permissions for the JobWalk app.

For iOS:

  1. Go to device Settings

  2. Select JobWalk from the list

  3. Enable the “Camera“ option

For Android:

  1. Open the system settings screen of the JobWalk App (the screen where you could also uninstall the app)

  2. Click on App permissions

  3. Make sure the Camera permission is allowed

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