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How to use SpeedMode on a HoloBuilder project in the JobWalk app
How to use SpeedMode on a HoloBuilder project in the JobWalk app

Find out how to use the SpeedMode feature when capturing onsite.

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SpeedMode allows a smooth and easy capturing process with all your projects. In order to use this feature, certain software requirements must be met, since not every device can offer the unique combination of your phone's custom tracking option, sensors, and camera functionality that is necessary for this feature. Find out more about the requirements in this article.

Using SpeedMode for capturing

Note: To use SpeedMode, you need to have either Location Markers placed on your sheets or have captured location previously (waypoints).

Make sure to set up SpeedMode for your project first. This tutorial gives you a detailed overview of how to do so. Once you have finished the initial setup, you can continue with the steps below.

Note: If your position drifts during the capturing with SpeedMode, simply tap and drag the arrow to the correct position and continue your JobWalk.

1. Start walking the site. Walk to the location markers or waypoints on your sheet to trigger the camera.

Note: If you hold the mobile device up to face where you are going, you can look around for markers augmented into the camera live stream that show you where the next waypoints from the floor plan are.

Steps to capture using SpeedMode

2. A countdown will start counting down the triggering of the camera when you are close to a waypoint/location marker. Make sure to place the camera in the correct position before the countdown is done.

Note: You can set the timer for the countdown to fit your requirements - learn more.

Steps to capture using SpeedMode

3. When a picture was captured, the waypoint will be marked with a checkmark. Move on to the next waypoint.

Steps to capture using SpeedMode

4. Once all location’s waypoints have been updated, you can leave the sheet and repeat the process for the next sheet or leave the project and upload your progress to the cloud.

Correcting a previously set position on a sheet

If your tracking on the sheet is not accurate enough, you can redo the setup.

  1. Open the sheet of the project you want to reset the SpeedMode setup.

  2. Tap on the 3 dots on the upper right corner to open the context menu of the sheet.

  3. Tap on "Reset SpeedMode Setup" to redo the setup.

  4. Follow the steps for the setup on the screen or use the instructions above for help.

Reset SpeedMode configuration

Centering the SpeedMode arrow

While SpeedMode is activated, it is possible to center the view to the blue arrow on the screen or not:

  • White - Default state, arrow not centered

  • Blue - Arrow centered on the device screen. Remains centered as you walk.

To center your view and move it along your movements on the sheet, tap the arrow in the circle in the lower right corner. When it is highlighted in blue, it will always remain centered as you walk. Tap again to stop moving the view along with your position arrow.

How to center the position arrow to the screen view in the HoloBuilder JobWalk app with SpeedMode

Connection issues

If you have issues with SpeedMode not starting although your mobile device fulfills the requirements for it (see here), please check the camera permissions for the JobWalk app.

For iOS:

  1. Go to device Settings

  2. Select JobWalk from the list

  3. Enable the “Camera“ option

For Android:

  1. Open the system settings screen of the JobWalk App (the screen where you could also uninstall the app)

  2. Click on App permissions

  3. Make sure the Camera permission is allowed

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