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How to exchange an existing sheet in your HoloBuilder project
How to exchange an existing sheet in your HoloBuilder project

Change the sheet used for capturing progress without losing your waypoints easily if there have been any updates to that sheet.

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Sheet and slide images can easily be exchanged without losing any of the content attached to them. 

  • Replacing 360 images - learn more

  • Replacing sheet images - see below

Update the image of an existing sheet

1. Open the project in the Web Editor. 

2. Click the sheet you want to update the image for in the project panel on the left to select it.

Note: The tumbnail image at the top of the panle should show the sheet.

3. Next to the thumbnail at the top of the project panel, click the two opposing arrows.

4. Confirm that you want to replace the image for the currently selected sheet.

5. Click on the box or drag and drop an image from your computer to upload a new sheet image and replace the current one.

Note: If you have activated any data storage integrations, e.g. Autodesk BIM360, you can also directly access your files to import a sheet image.

6. Adjust the sheet selection and confirm with 'IMPORT'.

Note: Make sure that the new sheet image has the same dimensions as the previous sheet image as otherwise the locations for the waypoints will not be accurate anymore. 

7. The sheet image and name will be updated and the waypoints from the previous sheet attached to it. 

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