The HoloBuilder cloud integrations enable you to import your project files directly from your connected cloud storage account into the HoloBuilder web editor. Upload sheets or 360° images that you want to use for your construction progress tracking from the connected accounts.

Cloud data storage tools integrating with HoloBuilder

Currently, HoloBuilder integrates with a number of lightweight data storage systems. The following systems are currently available for integration:

Learn how to connect your HoloBuilder account with an integration here

*Please note that the
PlanGrid integration for HoloBuilder is not a free integration. The integration with PlanGrid is only available for certain PlanGrid accounts. Please check with your PlanGrid account executive to sort out any questions about accessing the integration.

Access your documents

Supported file formats

You can access image files saved as .png/.jpeg/.jpg as well as PDF text files directly from your integrated service.

Insert files into your HoloBuilder project

To insert a file from your integration, open a project:

  1. Click on the large +-button in the panel on the left. On the left-hand side of the modal, you can find all your current integrations listed (see image on the left below).
  2. Select the integration from the list where you want to get your files from. Navigate through the folder structure (see the second image on the right).
  3. Click on an image file or PDF to add to your HoloBuilder project.Image files: When selecting an image file, you can choose whether you want to add it as a sheet or as a 360° scene.PDF files: PDF files can only be added as sheets and will be integrated directly after selecting them

Import sheets

To import multiple PDF files at once, you can select the button ‘IMPORT SHEETS’. When selecting this option, all PDF files that are located in the currently opened folder will be added as sheets to your projects. This option will not include PDF files that are located in sub-folders of this folder.

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