HoloBuilder provides a publicly available Autodesk® Navisworks® Add-In for use with your HoloBuilder projects. Use the Add-In to include 360-degree renderings of your 3D Navisworks model into your HoloBuilder project.

Get an overview of your options with the HoloBuilder plugin for Navisworks here:

Get the Add-In

  • Learn how to install the add-in in your Autodesk® Navisworks® version - learn more.

Use cases for the Navisworks Add-In

  • Add 360 renderings of your 3D Navisworks model directly as TimeTravel images to your existing 360° as-is photos or Location Markers for easy comparison - learn more.

  • Create a new HoloBuilder project from within Navisworks using the 2D floor plans from your Navisworks model and directly upload the 360 renderings for selected locations - learn more.

  • Add automatically generated viewpoints including the sheet views from the Navisworks model to an existing HoloBuilder project as new sheets - learn more.

Additional options

  • How to create a sheet view as cut plan in Naviswork for aligning with the HoloBuilder project sheet - learn more.

  • How to align a Navisworks sheet view with the corresponding sheet in your HoloBuilder project - learn more.

  • Set the heights for capturing the 360 renderings in Naviswork to get the best results, e.g. show the view above the ceiling or on eye-level - learn more.

  • Setting the correct lighting for your 360 viewpoints - learn more.

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